Westland wasp in
united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

Del'd: 98 - 1963 to 1986

Fleet Air Arm wasp

The Wasp HAS.1 was operated mainly by 829 Squadron, (the small ships flight) parent and 703 Squadron, (the Wasp training squadron). The Wasp was used by some Commando Helicopter units as a liaison airframe between the Naval Helicopter squadrons and the Royal Marine Commando teams the squadrons would be carrying into an assault. At least 25 Wasps damaged (some badly) during its service career, mainly from small flight decks. Some sold on to other Navies.
Early Wasp production suffered from a shortage of Nimbus engines and it was not unusual for an airframe to be flown into Fleetlands, only to have its engine removed and sent back to Fairey by road, for installation into another, awaiting delivery.
30 airframes cancelled and not built. Allocated UK serials XS802-XS812 and XS834-XS852 (ntu).

The photographed airframe has its wheels configured for shore-based operation. ( rear wheels toed inwards at 45 degrees) this enabled running landings from autorotation and provided braking. Otherwise there were no brakes, only wheel locks. This aircraft is not fitted with maritime operating equipment, such as flotation gear, hellerman reflectors (large GRP spheres containing rumpled silver paper to improve radar signature) and AS12 wire guided missile sight. The engine is a RR Nimbus developed from the French Palouste. It developed 685 SHP (Contingency 710) through a free turbine. The call sign 456 identifies the aircraft as a ships flight allocated to a frigate. All flight call signs of 829 Squadron started with 4. A call sign starting with 5 indicates training aircraft of the 829 Squadron HQ Flight.
Would suggest that in general the call sign starting 5 was from 703 Sqdn and call sign starting 6 belonged to 829 Sqdn

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    f.9541 1962     XS463: Prototype / pre-production Wasp, built at Hayes, Farnborugh +
Everett Aero XS463: Everett Aero Sproughton by Mar 2003 (gone by Feb 2004)

- XS463: Oct15 preserved at Bournemouth Aviation Museum, Hurn, D+
    f.9542 1962     XS476: Pre-production airframe built at Hayes. ff as G-17-2. To Yeo+
Brazilian Navy N-7016: Second UH-2 Wasp to bear this FAMB serial after previou+
    f.9543 1962     XS527: ex-Rothesay Flt/462 to Wroughton by Jun 1971; 829 Sq Rhyl Fl+
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XS527: Built at Hayes, f/f at White Waltham Jan63 as G-17-3; d+
    f.9544 1963     XS528: Built Hayes by Jan 1963, d/d 1963 to RN. At Hayes by Sep 197+
Royal New Zealand Navy XS528: To RNZN 1985 for spares.
    f.9556 1963     XS529: 1983-1985, was Flight M3 on HMS Galatea and this was my cab.+
    f.9557 1963     XS530: Royal Navy HAS1 type; to Brazil as N-7040
Brazilian Navy N-7040: d/d 1963 to UK RN as XS530, to G-17-7, then to FAMB as +
    f.9558 1963     XS531: d/d 1963. To 700Sq 700W IFTU/993 by Jul 1963. 829 Sq/471 Hyd+
    f.9559 1963     XS532: d/d Jul 1963 to RN; 700W Sq/994-CU by Aug 1963; 829 Sq Moha+
Royal New Zealand Navy XS532: To RNZN 1985 for spares at Silverdale, New Zealand. Not+
    f.9560 1963     XS533: d/d 12 Sep 1963, w/o 15 Nov 1968 with 829 Sqdn, ditched in L+
    f.9561 1963     XS534: d/d 19 Oct 1963; 700W Sq det HMS Leander for trials Oct 1963+
    f.9562 1963     XS535:
    f.9563 1963     XS536: d/d 1963 to RN.
Royal New Zealand Navy XS536: To RNZN 28 Sep 1983 for spares.
    f.9564 1963     XS537: dd 17 Dec 1963. 700W Sq Ajax Flt/180-AJ by Feb 1964, 829Sq A+
    f.9565 1963     XS538: ff 7 Jan 1964, 700Sq(W)Sq by 21 Feb 1964. 829Sq Mohawk Flt/4+
    f.9566 1963     XS539: RN d/d 4 Feb 1964; Aurora Flt/185-AU by Apr 1964; 829 Sq Au+
- XS539: Nov15 noted on display within Fleetlands Repair yard pa+
    f.9567 1963     XS540: dd 20 Feb 1964. 829 Sq Ashanti Flt/177 by Mar 1964, 829 Sq/4+
    f.9568 1964     XS541: dd 1964 to RN. 703 Sq/500 by Jul 1976, 829Sq HQ Flt/602, sol+
    f.9569 1964     XS542: d/d 17/03/1964 to UK RN, 829 Sq Juno Flt/465 by Jul 1968 to +
Brazilian Navy N-7042: ex RN XS542 and Westland G-17-30, then to FAMB as N-704+
    f.9570 1964     XS543: d/d 3 Apr 1964 to RN, Fleetlands Apr 1964 to Sembawang store+
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3906: Ex RN XS543. To RNZN - left Portsmouth aboard HMNZS Wel+

Presented to RNZAF museum at Ohakea by Westland in 1998+

Stored in No 3 hangar at Wigram (wsw of Christchurch), +

09nov16 pictured in 3 Sq markings at RNZAF Museum, Wigr+
    f.9571 1964     XS544: d/d 06 Apr 1964. Zulu Flt/482 by May 1964; Fleetlands by Sep+
    f.9572 1964     XS545: dd Apr 1964 to RN; 700W Sq Galatea Flt/182-GA by 1964; 829 S+
    f.9573 1964     XS562: By Pete Oliver.flight S.M.R 829 sq. H.M.S.Jupiter/443
classic rotors F9573: Sold to Classic Rotors (the rare and vintage rotorcraft+
    f.9574 1964     XS563: d/d 30 Apr 1964, 771Sq/759 when crashed 08 Jul 1965, broken +
    f.9575 1964     XS564: dd 21 May 1964 to RN. 829Sq Argonaut Flt/466-AT by Nov 1970 +
Brazilian Navy N-7037: ex UK RN XS564 and G-17-22. To FAMB 1977 (N-7019 ntu ?)+
    f.9576 1964     XS565: dd 26 May 1964 to RN. 829 Sq Dido Flt/473 before Jan 1971, +
    f.9577 1964     XS566: d/d 4 Jun 1964 to RN; 700W Sq Nubian Flt/187-NU by Nov 1964 +
Royal New Zealand Navy XS566: To RNZN 20 Oct 1989 for spares to support RNZN Wasp fle+
    f.9578 1964     XS567: RNAY Fleetlands store by Jul 1964 to 1970; 829Sq Gurkha Flt/+
    f.9579 1964     XS568: ditched in sea off Belize, following loss of power during ho+
    f.9580 1964     XS569: dd Jul 1964 to RN. 703 Sq, NATIU, Wroughton to A2717, then A+
    f.9581 1964     XS570: dd 27 Jul 1964 to RN. 829 Sq Tartar Flt at least Dec 1966 to+
- XS570: Piet Smits (a private collector and dealer) at Baarlo, +
    f.9582 1964     XS571: dd Aug 1964 to RN; 829 Sq Leander Flt/476-LE Jan 1966 to at +
    f.9583 1964     XS572: dd into Fleetlands store Oct 1964; 829 Sq HQ Flt/500 by Sep +
Westland XS572: ff 28 Aug 1964. On display at Sep 1964 SBAC Air Show, F+
    f.9584 1964     XT414: d/d 13 Sep 1965 to RN at RNAY Fleetlands; 829 Sq Naiad Flt/4+
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XT414: f/f 26 Sep 1964, d/d 13 Oct 1964 to A&AEE Boscombe Down+
    f.9585 1964     XT415: RN d/d 23 Oct 1965; 700W Sq Aurora Flt/185, 829 Sq /455 by 1+
Royal New Zealand Navy XT415: To RNZN for spares.
    f.9586 1964     XT416: dd 03 Dec 1964 to RN; 829 Sq/183-ES Eskimo Flt by early 1965+
    f.9587 1964     XT417: dd 3 Dec 1964; 829 Sq Naiad Flt/470-NA Feb 1965 until Sep 19+
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3904: ex UK XT417. On loan to RNZN May 1974 to Aug 1975 as re+
    f.9588 1964     XT418: d/d 4 Dec 1964. 829 Sq Argonaut Flt/466-AT by Jun 1968 stil+
    f.9589 1964     XT419: dd 23 Dec 1964 to RN as XT419. RAF Bahrain SAR Flt/422 by 19+
Brazilian Navy N-7036: ex UK RN as XT419. To G-17-1, then to FAMB 1977 (N-7018+
    f.9590 1964     XT420: dd 5 Jan 1965 to RN. 829 Sq Nubian Flt/457-NU by Nov 1968, +
military helicopters ltd, thru G-CUBI: ex RN XT420. Private East Dereham by Aug 1999, to G-CBU+
    f.9591 1964     XT421: RN; 829 Sq HQ Flt/503 by Oct 1970 still Jul 1972; RNAY Fleet+
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-03: Malaysian Navy (TLDM) d/d 1988, ex XT421, wfu 26sep02

14Apr97 pictured (still with XT421 on the side) on a Ma+

Malaysian Aviation Training Academy 9M499-03: Instructional air frame at Malaysian Aviation Training +
    f.9592 1965     XT422: RN d/d 1967; 829Sq Mohawk Flt/474 by Feb 1967; RNAY Fleet+
    f.9593 1965     XT423: d/d 1965. Hecla Flt/989 by Apr 1965; 829 Sq Hecla Flt/481 by+
    f.9594 1965     XT424: d/d 5 Mar 1965. w/o 4 Jun 1975 with 829 Sqdn, ditched in sea+
    f.9595 1965     XT425: d/d 16 Mar 1965. w/o 4 Oct 1966 with 829 Sqdn, ditched in se+
    f.9596 1965     XT426: dd 17 May 1965 to RN. 706Sq/64 by Jun 1967, 706Sq/80-CU, 829+
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-07: ex UK RN XT426. dd Aug 1992 to Malaysian Navy as M+

melacca maritime museum F.9596: Helicopter is on display outside the Maritime Museum in+
    f.9597 1965     XT427: dd 17 May 1965. 706W Sq/990-CU by Jul 1965; 829 Sq Hecate Fl+
    f.9598 1965     XT428: d/d 13 May 1965 to RN to storage; 829 Sq Hermione Flt/475 by+
Royal New Zealand Navy XT428: To RNZN for spare parts to support remainder of Wasp fl+
    f.9599 1965     XT429: RN, d/d 01 Jun 1965; Vidal Flt/408 by Jun 1968 until c Mar 1+
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-08: ex UK RN XT429, d/d 08/1992 to Malaysian Navy as M499-0+
    f.9600 1965     XT430: dd 1 Jun 1965 to RN. 829Sq Charybdis Flt/431-CY by May 1969,+
    f.9601 1965     XT431: dd 5 Jul 1965 to RN. 829Sq HQ Flt/502 by Nov 1966, 829Sq Sc+
    f.9602 1965     XT432: May84 noted as 829 Sqdn/415 Hydra Flight. HMS Hydra (A144) +
Royal New Zealand Navy XT432: To RNZN for spares 20 Oct 1989.
    f.9603 1965     XT433: dd 1965 to RN. ex G-17-6. 829Sq Arethusa Flt/426-AR by Jun 1+
Brazilian Navy N-7039: ex UK RN XT433. to G-17-6, then to FAMB 1978 as N-7039.

Federal Government of Brazil N-7039: preserved at Museu Aeroespacial, west of Rio de Janeiro+
    f.9604 1965     XT434: Nov 2009: Currently under restoration to flying condition
    f.9605 1965     XT435: Royal Navy HAS1 type; to New Zealand
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3907: Delivered to RN as XT435 Oct 1965. To RNZN 1983. Crashe+

24apr97 pictured asg to HMNZS Canterbury landing on HMS+

- G-RIMM: from Mar99
    f.9606 1965     XT436: dd 4 Oct 1965 to RN. 703 Sq/506; 829 Sq Hydra Flt/419 by S+
    f.9607 1965     XT437: dd 4 Nov 1965 to RN; 829 Sq Cleopatra Flt/463 by Dec 1965; 8+
Boscombe Down Aviation Collection XT437: to Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Feb 1995. Moved wi+

02nov13 pictured at the Boscombe Down Aviation Collecti+
    f.9608 1965     XT438: dd 7 Dec 1965 to RN. 829Sq Zulu Flt/442-ZU by Oct 1967 to c+
    f.9609 1965     XT439: d/d 13 Dec 1965; 845 Sq by Dec 1966; 829 Sq Ajax Flt/460-AJ +
    f.9610 1965     XT440: d/d 4 Jan 1966 to storage. 829Sq Cleopatra Flt/463-CL by Feb+
    f.9611 1966     XT441: d/d 28 Mar 1966. 829 NAS Euryalus Flt/433 Sep 1971 to Dec 19+
    f.9612 1966     XT442: 829Sq Eskimo Flt/453 by Sep 1973; w/o 12dec73 while on loan+
    f.9613 1966     XT443: 60th Royal Navy Wasp HAS.1 built at Hayes, ff 29 Mar 1966 at+
- XT443: to Westland for storage; Donated to The Helicopter Muse+

12jul08 pictured at the International Helicopter Museum+
    f.9660 1966     XT778: ff 12 May 1966 from Yeovil. dd 6 Jun 1966 to RN; 829 Sq Ambu+
    f.9661 1966     XT779: dd 30 Jun 1966. To Fleetlands store by Aug 1966; 829Sq Galat+
Royal Malaysian Navy XT779: ex UK RN XT779. dd Aug 1992 to Malaysian Navy (for spar+
    f.9662 1966     XT780: dd Jul 1966 to RN. 703 Sq/636 by Jul 1976, to A2716 RNAY Wro+
- XT780: Oct14 at Fare ham college, Lee on Solent airfield
    f.9663 1966     XT781: ex G-17-6. dd Royal Navy Aug 1966; 845Sq/O-B by Aug 1966; 8+
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3908: Royal New Zealand Navy 1983, ex XT781 from Royal Navy+

- G-KAWW: 2002; ex XT781,NZ3908; 2005 to South Africa

- ZU-HAS: Feb.2012 being hangared in Richmond Natal,S.A. until th+
    f.9664 1966     XT782: d/d 4 Oct 1966; 829 NAS Euryalus Flt/433 by May 1976, until +
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3909: Delivered to RN as XT782 in 1966. To RNZN Oct 1989 as s+

T J Manna G-KANZ: To Cranfield (UK) 1998, then to North Weald (EGSX) Nov +
    f.9665 1966     XT783: RN; 1985 829Sqn /470
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-05: d/d 08/1992 to Malaysian Navy as M499-05. wfu 26 Sep 20+
    f.9666 1966     XT784: Royal Navy HAS1 type; to Malaysia
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-04: d/d 07 Dec 1966 to UK RN as XT784, d/d 08/1992 to Malay+

31oct11 pictured at Malaysian Airforce Museum in Kuala +
    f.9667 1966     XT785: RN; 1985 829Sqn /462
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-01: d/d 08 Dec 1966 to UK RN as XT785, d/d 08/1992 to Malay+
    f.9668 1966     XT786: dd Jan 1967 to RN. 829 Sq Amazon Flt/320-AZ by Jul 1976, to +
    f.9669 1966     XT787: Royal Navy HAS1 type d/d 1967; 1982 to New Zealand Nayy;
Royal New Zealand Navy NZ3905: To RNZN Sep 1982 as airfreight. Retired 1997, sold to W+

T E Martin G-KAXT: to Westland WSM Oct 1999 to at least Apr 2000; became G+

24sep11 video at Shuttleworth, UK. Thanks Raul Hrubisk+

2015 Flying from Middle Wallop, occasionally with Scout+

- XT787: 08jul17 in 829 NAS Endurance Flt scheme, pictured at RN+
    f.9670 1967     XT788: RN d/d Mar67 829 NAS; Minerva Flt/424 by Nov 1969 until c +
- G-BMIR: Flightaid Dunkeswell 24jan86-22dec95 as /316, for resto+

- XT788: Xray Tango Helicopter Club; XT788 is Alive & Well. Gla+
    f.9671 1967     XT789: d/d 1 Apr 1967. w/o 12 Aug 1970 with 829 Sqdn, ditched near +
    f.9672 1967     XT790: Royal Navy HAS1 type; to Malaysia
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-09: d/d 08/1992 to Malaysian Navy as M499-09. wfu 26 Sep 20+
    f.9673 1967     XT791: d/d 21 Jun 1967 to UK RN as XT791, into storage until c Jun +
Royal Malaysian Navy XT791: 21oct78 noted in store RNAY Wroughton
    f.9674 1967     XT792: dd 11 Jul 1967 to RN.  829Sq Bacchante Flt/425-BC by 19+
Brazilian Navy N-7041: ex UK RN XT792 and G-17-8. To FAMB as N-7041
    f.9675 1967     XT793: dd 14 Jul 1967 to RN. 703 Sq/616 by Jul 1976, 829Sq/456, 829+
private uk owner G-BZPP: To Bruntingthorpe, to Ipswich, private East Dereham Apr+
    f.9676 1967     XT794: d/d 5 Oct 1967; 829 Sq Ashanti Flt/427-AS by Dec 1969, still+
    f.9677 1967     XT795: d/d Nov 1967, crashed during landing onto a rolling deck 6 J+
    f.9717 1967     XV622: ff 17 Jan 1968, dd 1968 to RN. 703 Sq/506 by Jul 1976, dd 19+
    f.9718 1968     XV623: dd 05 Mar 1968, 829 Sq Nubian Flt/457 by May 1969 still Aug +
    f.9719 1968     XV624: dd 06 May 1968 to RN. /417 by Sep 1974, scr. Portland 1992
    f.9720 1968     XV625: RN d/d May68 829 Sq Phoebe Flt/471-PB Nov 1968 to Dec 1970,+
- XV625: 20jul17 purchased from MoD-Sales. To be transported to +
    f.9721 1968     XV626: RN, d/d 18 Jun 1968; 829Sq Andromeda Flt/472-AM by Mar 1969 +
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-06: ex UK RN as XV626, to Malaysian Navy as M499-06. wfu 26+
    f.9722 1968     XV627: dd 4 Jul 1968 to RN. 829 Sq Hermione Flt/475 by Aug 1971. 81+
    f.9723 1968     XV628: d/d 11 Mar 1968. w/o 20 Jan 1972 with 829 Sqdn/464 Danae Flt+
    f.9724 1968     XV629: dd 16 Apr 1969, 703 Sq, RNAY Wroughton, transferred to Army +
    f.9725 1968     XV630: dd 22 Apr 1969 to RN. 829 NAS/433 Euryalus Flt by Jul 1969, +
    f.9726 1969     XV631: dd 14 Aug 1969 to RN. 829 Sq Eskimo Flt/453 by Sep 1969, G.I+
    f.9727 1968     XV632: d/d 11 Dec 1968 to RN. 829 Sq 032 Plymouth Flt/445 by Jun 19+
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-01: ex UK RN XV632. dd 1988 to Malaysian Navy as M499-01 (w+
    f.9728 1968     XV633: Royal Navy HAS1 type; to Brazil
Brazilian Navy N-7038: d/d 07/01/1969 to UK RN as XV633, to G-17-21, then to F+
    f.9729 1968     XV634: d/d 4 Feb 1969 to RN. 829 Sq Diomede Flt/423 by May 1973 unt+
Royal New Zealand Navy XV634: d/d 1989 to RNZN for spares.
    f.9730 1969     XV635: Royal Navy HAS1 type
    f.9731 1969     XV636: d/d 3 Jul 1969 to RN. 829Sq Sirius Flt/450-SS by Oct 1969 st+
Royal Malaysian Navy M499-02: ex UK RN XV636. d/d Mar 1988 to Malaysian Navy as M499-+
    f.9732 1969     XV637: d/d 12 Aug 1969, 829Sq Londonderry Flt/447-LD by Nov 1969.
    f.9733 1969     XV638: ff 16 Sep 1969, d/d 3 Oct 1969. 845Sq/O by Mar 1971, 829 Sq +
    f.9734 1969     XV639: RN d/d Oct 1969; 1994 to N612VH
classic rotors N612VH: XV639 : d/d Oct 1969, Last one to be delivered to 829 S+

probably written off on 24may07

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