singapore Sembawang

North West

4.8 16 Sembawang naval base, North West
6.1 98WSSL Seletar, Central Singapore
11.6246WSAT Tengah Air Base, South West
13.0123WSAP Paya Lebar, North East
18.4202 Port of Singapore,
20.0108WSSS Changi International Airport, South East

1930 to present

1 25 30 secs N - 103 48 46 secs E
12nm N of Singapore City
Elevation: 79 feet

Originally a landing ground within the boundaries of the Naval Base built in the north of Singapore Island by Britain from 1924. Further work began in 1937 by the British Army, with land acquired from the Bukit Sembawang rubber estate and what was originally planned as an RAF base was transferred to the Admiralty in 1939, before a further transfer to the RAAF in 1940. With the war in the Pacific going badly, the base was occupied by the Japanese on 15 Feb 1942.
After WWII, it became an RNAS station, known as HMS Nabrock from Oct 1945 until its more famous name of HMS Simbang was applied in Dec 1945. The base was handed over to the RAF on 16 Jan 1948 and back to the Navy on 16 Jan 1950 as the situation in Korea worsened. When the Korean War ended in July 1953, the base was again drawn down to a smaller size to support the helicopter units of the Fleet Air Arm engaged in the Malayan Emergency. During March 1961, the Headquarters of 3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines arrived and the site took on the role of Far East Fleet Amphibious Forces Base.  It has also been used by the RAF and Army Aviation. RNAS Sembawang was closed in 1970 and on 29 Oct 1971 it was handed over to the Singapore Air Defence Command, c/o a resident ANZUK force. It became the home of RSAF rotary wing aviation in 1983.

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1999/    127 squadron414 - H-47D Chinook 1999/   
1996/    126 squadronAS532M1 Cougar 1996/   
1992/    123 squadronS-70B 2009/   
AS550C2 Fennec 1992/06
UH-1B Iroquois 1980/92
1985/    125 squadronAS332M Super Puma 1985/   
1981/    120 squadronAH-64D Apache 2006/   
205 1977/04
212 1977/85
1979/07124 squadronEC120B 2007/   
AS550C2 Fennec 1991/06
AS350B Ecureuil 1981/92
1970/71UK 847 squadronwessex 1969/71
1969UK 847 squadronwessex 1969/71
1969AU 817 squadronwessex 1963/76
1968/69UK 814 squadronwessex 1967/70
1968/71UK 3 Commando Brigade Air Squadronscout 1970/82
sioux 1968/75
1967/71UK 848 squadronwasp 1967/73
wessex 1964/76
1966/68UK 845 squadronwessex 1966/86
wasp 1966/73
1966/67UK 814 squadronwessex 1967/70
wessex 1961/67
1965/66UK 820 squadronwessex 1964/69
1965AU 817 squadronwessex 1963/76
1965/66UK 848 squadronwhirlwind 1965/66
wessex 1964/76
1964UK 847 squadronUH-12E Raven 1964
whirlwind 1963/64
1963/65UK 845 squadronUH-12E Raven 1964/65
whirlwind 1964/65
wessex 1962/65
1962/65UK 814 squadronwessex 1961/67
1962/66UK 815 squadronwessex 1961/66
1962UK 824 squadronwhirlwind 1959/63
1961UK 825 squadronwhirlwind 1960/62
1960/62UK 848 squadronwhirlwind 1959/63
1958/59UK 820 squadronwhirlwind 1957/60
1953/56UK 848 squadronwhirlwind 1954/55
s-55 H-19 1952/56
1953UK 194 squadrondragonfly 1953/56
1951/53UK far east casualty evacuation flightdragonfly 1950/53




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1963-feb-05 AccidentUK Fleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XP107
1964-sep-26 AccidentUK Fleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XP115
1964-nov-24 AccidentUK Fleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XM834
1965-jan UK Fleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XS124
1967-jul-14 AccidentUK Fleet Air ArmwaspXT439

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