Breda Nardi NH500 in
italy Guardia di Finanza

Italian Customs Police

Del'd: 63 - 1973 to present

Guardia di Finanza NH500

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Italian Customs NH500 Engines Support, 08-Mar-17 : Heli-Expo 2017 Vector Aerospace signed a two-year engine support contract for the Italian Guardia di Finanza’s Breda-Nardi NH500, the locally produced version of the MD500

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    101 NH500MD     MM81064: GdiF-106
    102 NH500MD     MM81065: GdiF-107
    103 NH500MD     MM81066: GdiF-108
    104 NH500MD     MM81067: GdiF-109
    105 NH500MD     MM81068: GdiF-110
    106 NH500MD     MM81069: GdiF-111
    107 NH500MD     MM81070: GdiF-112
    112 NH500MD     MM81133: GdiF-113
    113 NH500MD     MM81134: GdiF-114
    114 NH500MD     MM81135: GdiF-115
    115 NH500MD     MM81136: GdiF-116
    116 NH500MD     MM81137: GdiF-117
    117 NH500MD     MM81138: GdiF-118. w/o 03may94 near Etna vulcan
    118 NH500MD     MM81139: GdiF-119
    123 NH500MD     MM81140: GdiF-120
    124 NH500MD     MM81141: GdiF-121. w/o 21aug84 at largo di Cagliari
    126 NH500MD     MM81218: GdiF-129
    NH500M     MM80850: GdiF-51; c/n ??-0223M; gate guardian at Scuola Ispettori e S+
    11-0260M NH500MC     MM81000: GdiF-76
    16-0265M NH500MC     MM81005: Guardia di Finanza GdiF-81; 1997 Comando Provinciale di Bolz+
    25-0278M NH500MC     MM81048: GdiF-90
    26-0279M NH500MC     MM81049: GdiF-91
    27-0280M NH500MC     MM81050: GdiF-92
    28-0281M NH500MC     MM81051: GdiF-93
    29-0282M NH500MC     MM81052: Guardia di Finanza GdiF-94; 1997 Comando Provinciale di Bolz+
    30-0283M NH500MC     MM81053: GdiF-95
    31-0284M NH500MC     MM81054: GdiF-96. w/o 08jun79 at Roma Centocelle
    32-0285M NH500MC     MM81055: GdiF-97. w/o 12jul91 Caorle coastline
    33-0286M NH500MC     MM81056: GdiF-98. w/o 31jan87 Bari
    34-0287M NH500MC     MM81057: GdiF-99
    35-0288M NH500MC     MM81058: GdiF-100. w/o 23jan04 Porto di Columbu
    36-0289M NH500MC     MM81059: GdiF-101
    37-0290M NH500MC     MM81060: GdiF-102
    38-0291M NH500MC     MM81061: GdiF-103
    39-0292M NH500MC     MM81062: GdiF-104
    40-0293M NH500MC     MM81063: GdiF-105
    62-0220M NH500M     MM80848: GdiF-49. 9H-ABY
    69-0221M NH500M     MM80849: GdiF-50. w/o 13feb96
    122-0224M NH500M     MM80851: GdiF-52. wfu. scrapyard Elio Bentivoglio
39 C/N.

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