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The Bahrain State Police was first established in 1962, to address internal security. In June 1965 it acquired its first helicopter, a Westland Scout for patrol and ferry duties. At independence from Britain in 1971, it was renamed Bahrain Public Security Force and became an element of the Bahrain Defense Force. Aviation support operations are conducted by the Flying Wing. It also co-operates with the Royal Bahrain Air Force and Royal Bahrain Navy.
Based at Manama Fort, near the capital.

Rotary Wing Aircraft Units Login to Edit

Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    flying wing1962 --

Organisation Models Login to Edit

  Bell 4121982
  Westland scout219651981

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

S-76A 76-0010 1979BPS-01 : Bahrain, test serial N4235S, to VH-HUB
412 33055 1982BPS-03 : Bahrain Police
412 33057 1982BPS-04 : Bahrain Police, ~2000 rtn to Bell
412SP 33187 1989BPS-05 : Bahrain Police
427 56017 BPS-07 : Bahrain Police, Bell serial N9110U; to N324FH
412EP 36486 2008BPS-10 : Bahrain Police from 2009
412EP 36450 2007BPS-2 : Bahrain Police from 2008
412EP 36470 2008BPS-7 : Bahrain Police from 2009
412EP 36474 2008BPS-8 : Bahrain Police from 2009
412EP 36475 2008BPS-9 : Bahrain Police from 2009
scout f.9619 1965BSP-1 : ex G-17-2 and dd Jun 1965 to Bahrain State Police (as it was then ...

11 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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