portugal INAER Portugal

An international division of INAER. In 2004 acquired Helisul
AVINCIS (INAER) was acquired by Babcock in 2014 and in 2016 the national unit rebrand as Babcock MCS Portugal.

They fly emergency medical helicopters under government contract for the INEM (Instituto Nacional de Emergência Médica)


INAER Portugal at SEGUREX 2015, 08-May-15 : Inaer Portugal was present at the 2nd International Fair on Civil Protection and Safety, “SEGUREX 2015”, held in Lisbon May 6-9

List of Aircraft

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212 30557 CS-HEZ : INAER Portugal, to HeliSul
: Babcock MCS Portugal; Jul17 used in DECIF2017 based at sardoal
212 30684 1975CS-HFJ : HeliSul, visit Antwerp
: HeliSul; 18oct11 subst damage on autorotation at Q.ta do Botelho, ...
AW109E Power 11625 2005CS-HHE : INAER 2010
: Babcock MCS Portugal, air ambulance for INEM; 03aug17 pictured d ...
AW109E Power 11759 CS-HHG : INAER Portugal Oct09
AW109E Power 11729 CS-HHH : Jun12 INEM op by INAER Portugal
: Babcock MCS Portugal; 03jan18 pictured departing Faro Hospital he ...
412EP 36374 2005CS-HHJ : INEM ambulance, noted 2012
412EP 36183 1997CS-HHK : Inaer Portugal Helisul from 2010
412EP 36472 2008CS-HHL : INAER Portugal, noted 2009, 2013
AW109E Power 11713 CS-HIK : Babcock MCS Portugal, air ambulance for INEM; 31aug17 pictured at ...
212 30807 D-HGPP : Babcock MCS Portugal, lsd for DECIF2017; 02aug17 pictured as /18 ...
412EP 36183 1997EC-HFD : Ministerio Da Saude INEM Emergencia Medica 2006-2009 op by INAER
212 30639 1974EC-MDU : Babcock MCS Portugal; Jul17 based at Nogueira for DECIF2017
212 30759 1976EC-MDV : INAER Portugal / Babcock MCS Portugal; Jul17 used in DECIF2017 ba ...

12 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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