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212 31267 1985N212PA : Patriot Aviation Inc at Greenville, DE from Mar16
AS350B2 Ecureuil 2444 1991N353EV : Patriot Aviation from Jun17
369D / 500D 1006D 1981N49W : Patriot Aviation at Wilmington, DE Sep/Nov 2014
212 31268 1984N512PA : Patriot Aviation Inc at Greenville, DE from Apr16
369D / 500D 0694D 1980N518PA : Patriot Aviation from Jun13
369D / 500D 0097D 1977N519PA : Patriot Aviation from Sep10
369D / 500D 0505D 1979N520PA : Patriot Aviation Sep09 - Nov12 to new owner
MD369F / MD500F 0015F 1985N521PA : Patriot Aviation from Sep12
: 04jun15 at Casper, WY
MD369E / MD500E 0145E 1985N522PA : Patriot Aviation from Mar14
369D / 500D 0063D 1976N8356F : Patriot Aviation from Oct13

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