south korea Haeyang-gyeongchal-cheong

National Maritime Police Agency

The Republic of Korea Coast Guard, an external branch of Ministry of Maritime Affairs & Fisheries, is responsible for maritime safety and control off the coast of South Korea.

Organisation News

Second S-92 to South Korea Coast Guard, 27-Jun-17 : South Korea Coast Guard accepted its second S-92 during a ceremony today at Sikorsky facility. Scheduled to enter service by end of the year

Korean Coast Guard S-92 2YR/750HR Inspection, 08-Sep-16 : Heli-One, CHC MRO service, facility in Stavanger, Norway completed the 2 year/750 hour inspection for the South Korea Coast Guard S-92A

Russian Support for South Korea KA-32 Engines, 08-Oct-15 : South Korea’s Civil Aviation Authority and Heli Korea visited Russian Helicopters Aviation Repair Plant No. 150 and extended a certificate for maintenance of Ka-32 helicopter engines.

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Organisation Models Login to Edit

  Sikorsky s-92 Helibus2013
  Kamov ka-322010
  AW AW1392009
  EC AS565MB Panther2005

Individual Helicopters Login to Edit

412SP 33191 B501 : Coast Guard, ex 953
ka-32 9104 B502 : Coast Guard, ex 960
ka-32 9109 B503 : Coast Guard, ex 961
ka-32 9108 B504 : Coast Guard, ex 962
ka-32 9501 B505 : Coast Guard, ex 963
ka-32 9502 B506 : Coast Guard, ex 964
ka-32 9503 B507 : Coast Guard, ex 965
ka-32 9504 B508 : Coast Guard, ex 965
ka-32 9505 B509 : Coast Guard, ex 967
AS565MB Panther 6644 B510 : Coast Guard, ex 968, test serial F-ZKBF
AS565MB Panther 6651 B511 : Coast Guard, ex 969; w/o 13mar15 ambulance flight, trying to land ...
AS565MB Panther 6707 B512 : Coast Guard, ex 970, test serial F-ZKBL
AS565MB Panther 6711 B513 : Coast Guard, ex 971, test serial F-ZKBD
AS565MB Panther 6731 B514 : Coast Guard, ex 972
AS565MB Panther 6800 B515 : Coast Guard, test serial F-ZKBA
AW139 31264 B516 : Coast Guard d/d Oct09
: w/o 23feb11
AW139 31265 B517 : Coast Guard d/d Oct09
AW139 B518 : Coast Guard, noted Sep13
S-92A 92-0195 2013B519 : South Korea Coast Guard from Mar14
: Sep16 completed 2yrs/750hs inspection by Heli-One
: 27feb17 pictured during rescue
S-92A 92-0294 2015B520 : South Korea Coast Guard from Jun17, test serial N294Y

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NTSB Report Bell 525 N525TA July 06, 2016




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