italy Aviazione dell'Esercito

AVES - Italian Army Aviation    

Organisation History:

Previously known as Cavalleria dell'Aria dell'Esercito Italiano and also Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito

E.I. 201 / 249 ab204b EM-1 type
E.I. 250 / 354 ab205 EM-2 / ESC-3 types
... SM1019
E.I. 501 / ... ab206 ESC-1 / ERI-3 types
E.I. 800 / 839 Chinook ETM-1 type
E.I. 851 / ... a109 EC-1 / ESC-2 ( EOA-1 / EOA-2 ) types
E.I. 900 / ... a129 Mangusta

E.I. 401 / 419 ab212 ESC-4 type
E.I. 451 / 474 ab412 ESC-5 type
E.I. 201 / ... NH90 TTH

Aircraft designations:
EA = Elicottero dAttaco = attack helicopter
EM = Elicottero Multirolo = multirole helicopter
ERI = Elicottero da Ricognizione = reconnaissance helicopter
ESC = Elicottero de Supporto al Combattimento = combat support helicopter
EES = Elicottero da Esplorazione e Ecorta = Scout and Escort helicopter
ETM = Elicottero da trasporto medio = medium transport helicopter

News about this Organisation:

  • 26-Jun-13 - Italian Army ICH-47F Chinook maiden flight     ( ICH-47F Chinook )
  • 18-Jun-13 - First deployment of Italian Army NH90     ( NH90 TTH )
  • 02-May-13 - First Italian Army FOC NH90TTH delivered     ( NH90 TTH )
  • 25-Oct-12 - The NH90 Deployed in Afghanistan     ( NH90 TTH )
  • 31-Aug-12 - First Deployment of Italian NH90 in Afghanistan     ( NH90 TTH )
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    Rotary Wing Aircraft Units in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

    Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
        2 Reggimento di Aviazione - Sirio - 2nd Aviation Regiment ? --
        5 Reggimento di Aviazione - 5th Aviation Regiment ? --
        7 Reggimento di Aviazione - 7th Aviation Regiment ? --
        48 Gruppo Squadroni - Pavone 48 GrSqd? --
        53 Gruppo Squadroni - Cassiopea 53 GrSqd? --
        54 Gruppo Squadroni - Cefeo 54 GrSqd1976 --

    Models in this Organisation: Login to Edit    

      AW ICH-47F Chinook2014
      NHI NH90 TTH 2008
      agusta A129 Mangusta 651990
      agusta ab412241987
      agusta ab212 191983
      agusta A109 Hirundo 291977
      EM CH-47C Chinook 401970
      agusta ab206 1501969
      agusta ab205 1151966
      agusta ab2044819611995

    Individual Helicopters on Database: Login to Edit    

    Construction Numbers on database of this organisation
    24agusta A109 Hirundo A109cm
    5agusta A109 Hirundo A109a
    6agusta A129 Mangusta
    15agusta A129 Mangusta A129CBT
    31agusta A129 Mangusta A129C
    24agusta ab412
    19agusta ab212
    7agusta ab47 AB47G-2
    48agusta ab204 ab204b
    3agusta ab205 ab205b
    85agusta ab205 ab205a-1
    27agusta ab205 ab205a
    8agusta ab206 AB206C-1
    4agusta ab206 AB206A
    40EM CH-47C Chinook
    23NHI NH90 NH90 TTH

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    MH-53M,     MH-60R     Gazelle HT.2 & HT.3
    EH.101,   NH.90,  Tigre,   Bell 430,   AW.139
    Orgs. CV-22 Osprey,     EC.145
    Units:HS-1,   78Sqd,   USCG,   PNA
    Ships:Destroyers,     HMS Ark Royal
    New:Bell 525,   AW.149,   AW.609,   S-61T
    X2,   X3,   EC.130T2,   EC.175
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        Helicopter News:
    Kaman New Zealand SH-2G(I) Achieves First Flight

    Aerochine Aviation orders five Bell 505

    Japan National Police orders another AW139

    China Certifies the Sikorsky S-76D

    French President visits Airbus Helicopters Mexico

    Airbus Helicopters first helicopter FFS in Japan

    UK Apaches reaches 50,000 hs in Afghanistan

    Russian Helicopters at Defence Services Asia 2014

    Bell Training Academy 130,000 Student Milestone

    CHC AW139 fleet reaches 100,000 flight hours

    CH-53K tested for airframe structural strength

    Armed Forces of Malta Acquire a Second AW139

    Sino-US / AW new headquarters in Shanghai

    New tech could autonomize rotary-wing landings

    Metro delivers two EC135 aircraft to Mercy Life Line

    UK HIOW Air Ambulance flies 5,000th mission

    Five more MQ-8C Fire Scouts for the US Navy

    Joint TF-Bravo helps protect Honduran village

    Military K-9s experience medevac training at Kosovo

    CareFlight 5 years training Abu Dhabi Police

    MQ-8B Fire Scout overhauling at Jacksonville Florida

    US Army Europe conduct live-fire exercise

    Midlands Air Ambulance EC135T2e enters service

    VMM-161 flies the Hawaiian skies

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