italy Aviazione dell'Esercito

AVES - Italian Army Aviation


Previously known as Cavalleria dell'Aria dell'Esercito Italiano and also Aviazione Leggera dell'Esercito

E.I. 201 / 249 ab204b EM-1 type
E.I. 250 / 354 ab205 EM-2 / ESC-3 types
... SM1019
E.I. 501 / ... ab206 ESC-1 / ERI-3 types
E.I. 800 / 839 Chinook ETM-1 type
E.I. 851 / ... a109 EC-1 / ESC-2 ( EOA-1 / EOA-2 )
E.I. 900 / ... a129 Mangusta

E.I. 401 / 419 ab212 ESC-4 type
E.I. 451 / 474 ab412 ESC-5 type
E.I. 201 / ... NH90 TTH
E.I. 701 / ... ICH-47F
Aircraft designations:
EA = Elicottero dAttaco = attack helicopter
EM = Elicottero Multirolo = multirole helicopter
ERI = Elicottero da Ricognizione = reconnaissance helicopter
ESC = Elicottero de Supporto al Combattimento = combat support helicopter
EES = Elicottero da Esplorazione e Ecorta = Scout and Escort helicopter
ETM = Elicottero da trasporto medio = medium transport helicopter
NH 90 TTH GITA: Ground Instructional Training Aircraft

Organisation News

3.000 Flying Hours In Afghanistan for Italians NH90, 16-Jan-17 : Italian Army NH90 TTH fleet in Afghanistan achieved 3000 flying hours. Deployed in Herat since 2012 as Task Group “Fenice”, part of the TAAC-W (Train Advise Assist Command - West)

Leonardo to Develop A129 Replacement, 13-Jan-17 : Leonardo signed with Italian Defence Ministry NEES agreement to develop and procure 48 new exploration and escort helicopters to replace the current fleet of AW129 Mangusta by 2025.

ITALAIR performed Medevac Flight in Lebanon, 21-Jan-16 : Since 1979 italian helicopters from ITALAIR has performed more than 39,000 hours of flying in the skies of Lebanon and Israel with over 1700 medical evacuations of sick or injured people.

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Rotary Wing Aircraft Units Login to Edit

Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    1 Reggimento di Aviazione - 1st Aviation Regiment Antares1976 --
    2 Reggimento di Aviazione - 2nd Aviation Regiment         30 GrSqd,21 GrSqd,Sirio? --
    3 Reggimento di Aviazione - 3rd Aviation Regiment Aldebaran2014 --
    4 Reggimento di Aviazione - 4th Aviation Regiment         54 GrSqd,34 GrSqd,Altair? --
    5 Reggimento di Aviazione - 5th Aviation Regiment Rigel1976 --
    7 Reggimento di Aviazione - 7th Aviation Regiment         53 GrSqd,48 GrSqd,Vega? --
    Campagna Antincendio dell’Esercito Italiano - Italian Army Firefighting Program AIB1982 2014

Locations for this Org Login to Edit

Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Bolzano San Giacomo54 GrSqd 1976/now
Altair 1976/now
   CasarsaRigel 1976/now
   Elmas - Mario MameliSirio
21 GrSqd
   Lamezia TermeSirio 1999/now
30 GrSqd 1999/now
   Rimini Miramare Federico FelliniVega 1999/now
48 GrSqd 1998/now
   ViterboAntares 1976/now
Aldebaran 2014/now

Organisation Models Login to Edit

  AW ICH-47F Chinook 2014
  NHI NH90 TTH 2008
  Agusta A129 Mangusta 651990
  Agusta ab412 241987
  Agusta ab212 191983
  Agusta A109 Hirundo 291977
  EM CH-47C Chinook 401973
  Agusta ab206 1501969
  Agusta ab205 1151966
  Agusta ab204b4819631989
  Agusta ab2044819611988
  Agusta AB47J19581984
  Agusta AB47G-2719561984

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