colombia escuadron de combate tactico 713

Fuerza Aerea Colombiana

tactic combat squadron 713
Colombian Air Force


Part of Grupo de Combate 71

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
70-1430 uh-60a FAC0007: FAC, ex FAC4107, VIP
31251 212 FAC215A: d/d 1984. w/o 21apr85
31253 212 FAC217A: d/d 1984. w/o 22dec86
35076 212 FAC4001: d/d 1995. ex C-FTPQ
30511 212 FAC4002: d/d 1972 as 0002. VIP up to 1985
35077 212 FAC4003: d/d 1995. ex C-FTPT
35078 212 1994 FAC4004: d/d 1995
Bell Helicopter Canada C-FTQZ: BHTCL; 25jan95 toward FAC4004
35079 212 1994 FAC4005: d/d 1995. ex C-FTRC. w/o 24oct08
35080 212 1994 FAC4006: d/d 1995. ex C-FTRF
35084 212 FAC4007: d/d 1995. ex C-FUAS
35086 212 FAC4008: d/d 1995. ex C-FUFT
35095 212 FAC4009: d/d 1995. ex C-FXGT
212 FAC4010: d/d 1995
31254 212 FAC4018: ex police PNC-151. 1984 to FAC as 218A, then FAC4218, 1995 FAC4018
Colombian National Police PNC-151: to air force as 4018
31255 212 FAC4019: ex police PNC-152. 1984 to FAC as 219A, then FAC4219, 1995 FAC4019. Repor+
FAC4019: This chopper had not have any accident. That day was lost the FAC4291, a B+
Colombian National Police PNC-152: to air force as 4019
31272 212 FAC4020: FAC 1984 as 220A, then FAC4220; 1995 FAC4020; w/o 30apr12 assign Comando A+
31273 212 FAC4021:
70-1248 uh-60a FAC4101: FAC d/d jul88. BuNo 88-26087. w/o 13jun04
70-1249 uh-60a FAC4102: FAC d/d jul88. BuNo 88-26088. w/o 16dec90
70-1250 uh-60a FAC4103: FAC d/d jul88. BuNo 88-26089
70-1251 uh-60a FAC4104: FAC d/d jul88. BuNo 88-26090
70-1281 uh-60a FAC4105: FAC d/d jul88. BuNo 88-26091
70-1429 uh-60a FAC4106: FAC d/d feb89. BuNo 89-26174
70-1430 uh-60a FAC4107: FAC d/d feb89. BuNo 89-26175
70-1431 uh-60a FAC4108: FAC d/d feb89. BuNo 89-26176
70-1436 uh-60a FAC4109: FAC d/d feb89. BuNo 89-26177
70-1437 uh-60a FAC4110: FAC d/d feb89. BuNo 89-26178
uh-60l FAC4120: FAC d/d 1995. BuNo unk; 25mar04 damaged; 2013 repaired
FAC4120: It is supposed to be the first Battlehawk of the FAC
FAC4120: 05jul15 pictured in rescue of missing geologist at Salgar, Antioquia
70-2070 uh-60l FAC4121: FAC d/d 1995. BuNo unk
uh-60l FAC4122: FAC d/d 1995. BuNo unk
uh-60l FAC4123: FAC d/d 1995 BuNo unk; pictured Oct97; w/o 04dec02 at Cañon de San Pablo
uh-60l FAC4124: FAC d/d 1995. BuNo unk. c/n reported as 70-2479
70-2480 ah-60l FAC4125: FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26853
70-2481 ah-60l FAC4126: FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26854
70-2482 ah-60l FAC4127: FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26855
70-2483 ah-60l FAC4128: FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26856
ah-60l FAC4129: FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26871?
70-2633 ah-60l FAC4130: FAC d/d 2000. BuNo 00-26872?
FAC4130: w/o 15dec12 emergency landing near Providencia island
70-2637 ah-60l FAC4131: FAC d/d dec01. BuNo 01-26902?
70-2638 ah-60l FAC4132: FAC d/d dec01. BuNo 01-26903?. crash 10jul05. repaired?
FAC4132: This Uh-60 was rebuilt by Sudair ans Helitech in Canada. It is in service +
70-2639 ah-60l FAC4133: FAC d/d dec01. BuNo 01-26904?
70-2640 ah-60l FAC4134: FAC d/d dec01. BuNo 01-26905?
ah-60l FAC4135: FAC d/d dec01. BuNo unk. dam 13jan03 near Antigua. repaired?
FAC4135: This Uh-60 was rebuilt by Sudair ans Helitech in Canada. I think it will b+
70-3063 uh-60l FAC4136: FAC d/d 2008, BuNo 06-27114; MedEvac Angel I
70-3072 uh-60l FAC4137: FAC d/d 2008. BuNo 06-27115; MedEvac Angel II
uh-60l FAC4138: FAC Angel III d/d Feb13 CACOM 5, FMS USA 11-27241 ; MedEvac Angel III
31252 212 FAC4216: d/d 1984 as 216A. w/o 12dec90
46 C/N found in this Organisation.

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