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Formed in 1992, the 123 Squadron flies the AS550 Fennec, a small and highly maneuverable aircraft. The Fennec is an excellent platform for training pilots in peacetime or operations and can undertake both reconnaissance and armed functions.

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1979/92Changi RSAFWSAC

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1992/06AS550C2 Fennec
1980/92UH-1B Iroquois

Construction Numbers (Not all in unit) Help Us

C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
2519 as550c2 -: RSAF, w/o 26aug92 before delivered
2440 as550c2 200: RSAF
2501 as550c2 201: RSAF
2712 as550c2 202: RSAF
2520 as550c2 203: RSAF; w/o 2002 with 123 Sqd
2563 as550c2 204: RSAF
2572 as550c2 205: RSAF
2578 as550c2 206: RSAF
2583 as550c2 207: RSAF
2602 as550c2 208: RSAF
2310 as550c2 209: RSAF
2302 as550c2 210: RSAF, preserved at Paya Lebar Museum
2309 as550c2 211: RSAF
2318 as550c2 212: RSAF, AS.350A2 type, to Chad
2326 as550c2 213: RSAF
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZH: Morocco from Apr12
2336 as550c2 214: RSAF, AS.350A2 type, to Chad
2431 as550c2 215: RSAF, AS.350A2 type, to Chad
2445 as550c2 216: RSAF, AS.350A2 type, to Chad
2451 as550c2 217: RSAF, AS.350A2 type, to Chad
2458 as550c2 218: RSAF
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZI: Morocco Gendarmerie from Apr12
2476 as550c2 219: RSAF
Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie CN-BZJ: Morocco from Apr12
505 UH-1B 255: RSAF; ex 62-01985; to N489SA
US Army Aviation 62-1985: US Army; 27sep76 to XA0233/AMARC; to Singapore
- N489SA: Galewind Aviation 1996; conv to Garlick-Bell UH-1B
Servicios Especiales SA LV-WPJ: Servicios Especiales SA 1997, Mendoza Argentina; 2004 LAVIASA
- LV-WPJ: private Argentina; 11mar12 pictured during 31st convention EAA Argentina
s-70b 260: RSAF 123 Sqn
260: Jul12 pictured on RSS Formidable during RIMPAC exercise off Hawaii
70-3082 s-70b 261: RSAF 123 Sqn
70-3122 s-70b 262: RSAF 123 Sqn
643 UH-1B 262: RSAF, to N486SA
US Marine Corps 62-4583: Army UH-1B 62-04583; to USMC; back to Army; ret 1977; to Singapore; to civ as N486SA
- N486SA: private at Arbuckle, CA from Nov94; w/o 06may16 during agricultural tasks at Colusa County, W of Ma...
70-3131 s-70b 263: RSAF 123 Sqn; 06dec11 pictured at Langkawi, Malaysia
70-3142 s-70b 265: RSAF 123 Sqn
70-3149 s-70b 266: RSAF 123 Sqn
755 UH-1B 266: RSAF; ex 63-08533; to N479SA
US Army Aviation 63-8533: US Army; 13sep76 to XA0219/AMARC; to Singapore
- N479SA: conv to Garlick-Bell UH-1B
Servicios Especiales SA LV-WGS: Servicios Especiales SA 1996, Mendoza Argentina; to CC-CNK
- CC-CNK: ex LV-WGS; to CC-PCD
- CC-PCD: 2007 Tobalaba, Chile
676 UH-1B 271:
608 UH-1B 272:
369 UH-1B 273: RSAF
614 UH-1B 290:
34 C/N found in this Organisation.

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