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Using a Helicopter

This section is a contribution of the British Helicopter Advisory Board

Since the first mass produced helicopter appeared in 1946, this revolutionary mode of transport has progressed at a rate even eclipsing that of fixed-wing aviation. In comparison to their rather agricultural beginnings, helicopters on the market nowadays are smooth, reliable, comfortable and quiet machines, which owe only their basic principle of flight to the pioneering aircraft of earlier years.

Modern corporate helicopters can carry between three and fourteen passengers in a comfortable environment at speeds approaching 200 mph.

If you are considering using a helicopter, either on a charter basis or purchasing your own, this page is designed to answer some of the questions you will certainly have.

How can I benefit from operating a helicopter ?
What kind of helicopter ?
What is the All Weather Capability ?
Where Can I Fly From ?
How Much Does it Cost ?
Helicopter Safety Measures

Ultralight Helicopters
Flight Training Considerations

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