Sikorsky H-34G.I

This model is a version of S-58 H-34

c/n 58-740

Year 1957

Helicopter Sikorsky H-34G.I Serial 58-740 Register 80+06 H-02 LV-OCM N392JK N589S N7320 N902CH used by Heeresflieger (German Army Aviation) Fuerza Aerea Argentina (Argentine Air Force) Helicopteros Marinos State of California Carson Helicopters CHI Aviation (Construction Helicopters Inc). Built 1957. Aircraft history

Sikorsky H-34G.I c/n 58-740


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germany 80+06
For 80+06 see also:
        105m c/n 5006
Sikorsky H-34G.I, c/n 58-740, ff?
del W.Germany as H-34G.I, PB+202, 10Dec57
recoded QB+462, unk
recoded PZ+331, unk
recoded 80+06, unk
usa N7320
Carson Helicopters
Sikorsky S-58T
xfer Carson Helicopters, Perhaskie, PA as N7320, unk
conv S-58ET, unk
argentina H-02
Fuerza Aerea Argentina
Sikorsky S-58T
AR Casa Rosada ( mar-76 )
FAA d/d 1975 S-58DT type as presidential aircraft
ex N-7320
1976 evacuate President Isabel Peron during Coup detat
1978 camouflaged and assigned to Marines during Beagle crisis
wfu 1980 to civ Helicopteros Marinos as LV-OCM
argentina LV-OCM
Helicopteros Marinos
Helicopteros Marinos dd 1980
ex FAA H-02
apr/jun1982 briefly seized by FAA during Falklands/Malvinas War used by Escuadron Fenix
1985 sold to civ USA erroneously as 58-470/58-740
usa N902CH
CHI Aviation
For N902CH see also:
    1996 md900 c/n 900/00042
Construction Helicopter from 14may85, [not to be confused with 58-1539]
xfer Aris Helicopter, Jun89.
usa N392JK
State of California
xfer LA County Sheriff as N392JK, 23Jan91
xfer Longranger III, 01Aug00.
xfer McMahon Helicopter as N589S, unk
xfer Solley Construction, 29Apr02
xfer 5 State Helicopter as N589S, unk
status unk.

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