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36548 LV-CWF 24apr18 at Neuquen airport
Camcopter S-100
000250 OE-VXX Apr18 still on display at the Technical Museum in Vienna
US Air Force
US 20th SOS
1971, Cam Rahn Bay, South Vietnam. I was assigned to the 20 SOS and went out to ban me thout along with 7 UH-1N and flew daily missions loaded with rockets to support ground troops in the area
Airbus Helicopters
H130 / EC130T2
8157 N244SH 19apr18 15:00hs flying over Sepulveda Wildlife Preserve after taking off from Van Nuys
US Navy
US HS-85 Golden Gattors
1977-1980, AEC Curtis Lambert HS-85 200 Division Chief, Mainterance Control Chief, Quality Assurance Chief. Retired on April 30, 1980. If anyone has contact information on the CO Commander John Fraser, please let me know.
US Navy
US HS-84 Thunderbolts
1970-1974 stationed at Ream Field with HS-84. Dull but enjoyable duty in beautiful S.D. At EOOS I decided that the military didn't fit into my plans so I was discharged. Met some really great people there. Often reflected back and wondered if I had stayed and did two more years of college and then commissioned what would life had become as an officer? Guess the Viet Nam cloud over our heads did not sit will with many of us. Hated leaving beautiful S.D. but had a higher calling back in N.C. Saying hello to Flannery, McKay, Gary Braun, Lt. Olson, J.D. Korn, and all the others I have forgotten.
CH57 JA9478 20apr18 this helicopter was, much to our surprise, noted alive and kicking at Nagoya
0916 RA-04078 ZAO Stroykompkex Russia by Apr18
Lynx AH1
236 XZ672 Sadly dismantled. The door turned up on Ebay!
UH-1H Iroquois
12848 71-20024 asg 68th Medical Detachment, US Army RA Hickman AFB, until 1995
SA365N2 Dauphin 2
6393 G-LCPL 20apr18 landed Gloucestershire airport
57186 PK-WSX w/o 20apr18 09:45hs crash and total loss at location of IMIP / Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park at Sulawesi Tengah; 10 person on board were safe some with injuries but 1 people on land was died hit by cracked main rotor blade
HH-3F Pelican
61-586 1430 21jul71 09:05hs helo operations USCGC Reliance (WMEC-615) at 23 degrees 23 minutes north latitude 26 degrees and 90 degreed 50 min west longitude. 355 miles from Corpus Christi, TX and 260 miles from New Orleans MedEvac SK2 James Monko with an amputated left ring finger to Public Health Hospital New Orleans. 0917 hours injured hoisted up in basket off of Reliance flight deck. Flight ops secured 0918 hours. CGC RELIANCE LOG QMCS Robert C Lee.
Kawasaki Heavy Industries
1109 VH-BKV Rotor Safety Hobart, Tasmania from Apr17
31638 158553 LCdr Jason Bayer and AD-2 Charles Chaco lost their lives when their U.S. Navy HH-1N Huey helicopter crashed into a crevice near the peak of Split Mountain, in the Sequoia National Forest, killing two crew members and injuring four.
55-822 CF-JTI preserved at The Hangar Flight Museum, Associated Helicopters mrks by Apr18
AS332L Super Puma
2099 G-TIGV 18apr18 10:50hs flew over Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK
US Navy
US HS-2 Golden Falcons
1970, In the above picture the US flag was installed when HS2 was deployed on the Independence after a cross country trip from Imperial Beach to Norfolk in 1970. A 747 was hijacked on Sept 1970 In Jordan and HS2 was designated as one of the rescue options. The flag was painted on the side to insure that if rescue was attempted then friendly fire would be kept to a minimum. Although we never went in the flag remained on the side of each helicopter. As a crewmen and 23 I was very excited and wanted to go.
US Navy
US HM-12 Sea Dragons
Feb/Jul 1973, I was a Corpsman with HM-12 (L. Irwin) ENDSWEEP and Nimbus Star. USS Inchon (LPH-12) and USS Iwo Jima (LPH-2). Great bunch of men.
US Navy
US HC-7 Seadevils
1969-71, Anyone remember my Dad ATC Jim Hammack we were in Atsugi. Brian Hammack ( bhammack at yahoo com )
US Army Aviation
US 116th AHC
Nov66, stayed one night at Phu Loi. Second day, I was taken to Cu Chi where I (Gary P, Brown) spent 2 years as a chopper mechanic (SP5) and then became the Supply Sergeant (SSG). 1630 every day was the famous downpour. Anything not nailed down floated askew. CW2 Carl was my mentor in supply, SSG Knake was the line boss in maintenance. SP6 Spiedel was the tech inspector.
UH-1H Iroquois
12641 70-16336 Jul96, last time I flew in this at Los Alamitos AAF, asg 214 Combat Aviation BN, USAR 63 ARCOM
UH-12E Raven
2202 CF-DER 1969, used to ferry seismograph crews in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies (in Alberta). I was a passenger on many flights
5155 MM81090 15apr18 aboard San Giusto (L9894) in LaValletta, Malta
36030 N411DE 13Apr18 at Cambridge, MA
41233 VH-ZFM 13apr18 at Exmouth Learmonth Airport
UH-1H Iroquois
13709 74-22385 The aircraft was totally destroyed. All nine souls on board survived. Crew Chief was in the hospital for a month and later medically discharged
HH-65 Dolphin
6288 6588 23mar18 at West Palm Beach, FL
CH-54A Tarhe
64-047 68-18445 w/o 24jul70, destroyed at Sanford AAF, Vietnam. Aircraft was undergoing M.O.C. after maintenance. While being run up, aircraft picked up and nosed over due to wrench left in flight control system. Aircraft was destroyed when M/R blades contacted the runway.
UH-1F Iroquois
7023 63-13163 1984-1987, I flew this at my first operational assignment at MacDill AFB
HH-1H Iroquois
17113 70-2469 1987-1989, I flew this at Ellsworth AFB, SD. Callsign was BEVER 69, which was changed to BLADE 69 for political correctness ( 37th ARRS Det.2 ? )
31605 ZS-HKM 10apr18 on the ramp in Bangor, Maine, USA
31269 F-HLAK 08mar18 at London Heliport
TH-1F Iroquois
7309 66-1233 1980-1983, I was the crew chief with {1550 ATTW} 1550 O.M.S., 1551 ATTW at Kirtland AFB Albuquerque, NM. When I became crew chief she was a "hanger queen" with the most airframe hours of any rotory wing craft in our squadron. Some TLC returned her to the flight line where she became one of the most dependable F models in our unit. When I separated she had over 6600 hrs. I called her Daquiri. Charles Barrett
UH-1H Iroquois
10217 68-15287 Sep71-Apr72 I was crew chief asg aviation detachment of the 20th Eng in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. SP4 W. Pedro.

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