Sikorsky H-37A Mojave

This model is a version of S-56 H-37

c/n 56-022

Year 1957

Helicopter Sikorsky H-37A Mojave Serial 56-022 Register 54-0998 54-998 N50253 used by US Army Aviation Aircrane Inc. Built 1957. Aircraft history


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usa 54-998
US Army Aviation
Sikorsky S-56, c/n 56-022, ff:?
del US ARMY as H-37A, 54-998, 05Feb57
redesig CH-37A, Oct 62
conv CH-37B, unk
wfu & soc unk.
usa 54-0998
US Army Aviation
Sep66 to Jan69 with 4th Avn.Co in Germany at Oberschliessheim Airfield then Nellingen Kaserne ( Barracks )
usa N50253
Aircrane Inc
Aircrane Inc, West Chester, PA 1978

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