Sikorsky HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse

This model is a version of S-58 H-34

c/n 58-787

Year 1958

Helicopter Sikorsky HUS-1 / UH-34D Seahorse Serial 58-787 Register 145738 N5UG N64CH N64KK P2-PDX used by US Marine Corps 5 State Helicopters Carson Helicopters State of California. Built 1958. Aircraft history and location


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usa 145738
US Marine Corps
Sikorsky HUS-1, cn 58-787, ff:?
del USMC as HUS-1, 145738, 13Feb58
soc coded YS-2, MASDC Tucson, AZ, 22May70
wfu, unk.
usa N64CH
Carson Helicopters
Sikorsky S-58T
xfer Chicago Helicopter as S-58DT, N64CH, unk
usa N64CH
Carson Helicopters
xfer Carson Helicopter as N64CH, 1977
xfer Helitrans, Papua-New Guniea as P2-PDX, 27Mar75, soc 03Dec76
usa N64CH
State of California
xfer Los Angeles County Sheriff Dept as S-58DT, N64CH, 13Apr84
xfer Glen J Smith 12Jul02
xfer Blackhawk Helicopters as N64KK, 10Jan05
usa N64CH
5 State Helicopters
xfer 5 State Helicopter as N64CH, unk
usa N5UG
5 State Helicopters
rereg 5 State Helicopter as N5UG, 30Mar09

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