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  • Sikorsky S-92A

    This model is a version of S-92

    c/n 92-0144

    Year 2011

    Helicopter Sikorsky S-92A Serial 92-0144 Register LN-ONA N1016R used by Bristow Norway AS ,Bristow US. Built 2011. Aircraft history and location


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    usa Bristow US

    Bristow US Apr/Aug 2011
    For LN-ONA see also:
        1985 as332L c/n 2111


    norway Bristow Norway AS

    Bristow Norway from Sep11
    2012 to Ireland Wilmington Trust SP Services
    2013-09-28AENBR - Bergen, Hordaland
    2015-12-23AENBR - Bergen, Hordaland
    2019-06-11 BHL944 Block 34/10, Gullfaks field, Offshore Norway
    2019-07-11 BHL782 Block 34/10, Gullfaks field, Offshore Norway
    2019-08-25 Hjelmo, Hordaland
    2019-09-24 Hjelmo, Hordaland
    2019-11-22 BHL71F Leirvik, Hordaland
    2020-01-07 BHL81T Stavanger, Rogaland
    2020-03-12 BHL231 Bergen, Hordaland
    2020-04-20 BHL978 Block 30/10, Offshore Norway
    2020-04-29AENBRBergen, Hordaland
    2020-05-06 Bergen, Hordaland
    2020-06-09 BHL251 Bergen, Hordaland
    2020-07-24 BHL257 Block 30/6, Oseberg field, Offshore Norway
    2020-08-26 Block 31/2, Troll Field, Offshore Norway
    2020-10-16 Block 31/2, Troll Field, Offshore Norway
    2020-11-17AENBRBristow Norway AS at Bergen
    BHL251 Hjelmo, Hordaland
    2020-12-17 BHL256 Hjelmo, Hordaland
    2021-02-02 BHL81T Stavanger, Rogaland
    2021-02-04 Hjelmo, Hordaland
    2021-03-07 BHL71T Bergen, Hordaland
    2021-04-07 Bergen, Hordaland
    2021-05-07 BHL700 Bergen, Hordaland
    2021-06-07 BHL255 Bergen, Hordaland
    BHL255 Block 33/12, Statfjord field, Offshore Norway
    Mathopen, Bergen, Hordaland
    BHL899 Block 4/7, Snorre field, Offshore Norway
    2021-06-08 Bergen, Hordaland
    BHL251 Block 33/9, Statfjord field, Offshore Norway
    BHL257 Bergen, Hordaland
    BHL257 Block 33/9, Statfjord field, Offshore Norway
    2021-06-09AENBRBristow Norway AS at Bergen
    Bergen, Hordaland
    2021-06-23 BHL257 Block 33/12, Statfjord field, Offshore Norway
    2021-06-24 BHL256 Bergen, Hordaland
    2021-06-25 BHL650 Mathopen, Bergen, Hordaland

    Call sign for this aircraft: BHL230 BHL231 BHL232 BHL234 BHL235 BHL240 BHL242 BHL243 BHL244 BHL245 BHL246 BHL248 BHL251 BHL252 BHL253 BHL255 BHL256 BHL257 BHL260 BHL261 BHL262 BHL270 BHL275 BHL276 BHL650 BHL695 BHL700 BHL701 BHL71F BHL71T BHL720 BHL730 BHL731 BHL732 BHL733 BHL734 BHL735 BHL738 BHL73T BHL740 BHL741 BHL742 BHL743 BHL750 BHL751 BHL752 BHL753 BHL757 BHL770 BHL772 BHL775 BHL776 BHL780 BHL781 BHL782 BHL783 BHL784 BHL802 BHL81F BHL81T BHL82T BHL852 BHL898 BHL899 BHL930 BHL933 BHL939 BHL940 BHL941 BHL942 BHL944 BHL945 BHL947 BHL948 BHL977 BHL978

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