Bell UH-1H Iroquois

This model is a version of 205

c/n 11868

Helicopter Bell UH-1H Iroquois Serial 11868 Register 69-15580 N7115S used by US Army Aviation. Aircraft history


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usa 69-15580
US Army Aviation
US Army
usa 69-15580
US Army Aviation
US Fort Belvoir / Davison AAF ( 1969 )
This UH-1 was one of 30 hueys delivered new to the US Army Priority Air Transport organization at Davison US Army Airfield, Fort Belvoir, VA. Approximately half of the fleet were standard cabin equipped while the other had variations of seat covers and other equipment, called plush kits. The mission at Davison was to provide aviation support to members of the US Congress, Cabinet and Pentagon officials. The unit also provided tactical aviation support for the 3rd US Infantry Regiment
Terra Helicopters at Mcminnville, OR from Oct07

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