Airbus H125

C/N 8346

Built 2017

Helicopter Airbus H125 Serial 8346 Register N64RX N61RX used by REACH Air Medical ,Airbus Helicopters Inc (Airbus Helicopters USA). Built 2017. Aircraft history and location

Aircraft History

For N61RX see also
    2016 h125 8262


usa Airbus Helicopters Inc

2017-02Airbus Feb17


usa State of California

2017-11Radius Bank at Boston, MA from Nov17
Reach Air Medical REACH Air Medical
2018-11-04 Palm Springs, California
2018-12-08 Ocotillo Wells, California
2019-01-09 Palm Springs, California
2019-02-08 San Diego/El Cajon, California
2019-03-13 Palm Springs, California
2019-03-26 Palm Desert, CA REACH Air Medical
2019-03-31 Palm Springs, California
2019-04-28 Atwater, California
2019-05-24 San Diego/El Cajon, California
2019-06-24 Palm Springs, California
2019-07-28 San Diego/El Cajon, California
2019-08-28 San Diego, California
2019-09-30 San Diego, California
2019-11-02 Carlsbad, California
2019-11-17 Phoenix, Arizona
San Diego/El Cajon, California
2019-12-17 San Diego, California
2020-01-15 REH11 Glendale, Arizona
2020-01-18 REH11 San Diego/El Cajon, California
2020-02-21 Banning, California
2020-03-22 San Diego, California
2020-03-27 Sacramento, California
2020-04-24 Banning, California
2021-02new base in Salton City, CA REACH Air Medical New Air Ambulance Helicopter Base in Salton City, CA
2023-03-02 A KSBDSan Bernardino, California
2023-03-03 REH11 San Diego, California
2023-04-01 B KSANSan Diego, California
2023-04-06 REH11 San Diego, California
2023-05-12 C KPHXPhoenix, Arizona
2023-08-11 REH23 Tooele, Utah
2023-09-16 Tooele, Utah
2023-12-05 Ogden, Utah
2024-02-11 Reno, Nevada
2024-02-21 Tooele, Utah
2024-04-09 REH23 Tooele, Utah
2024-05-11 Tooele, Utah
2024-05-20 Tooele, Utah

Call sign for this aircraft: N64RX REH11 REH23

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