usa William P Gwinn Airport

Jupiter, Florida

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12.6123F45 North Palm Beach County General Aviation, Florida
32.2 19KSUA Witham Field, Florida
34.1137KPBI Palm Beach Intl, Florida
39.7331FD24 Port St Lucie, Florida
40.1336FL37 Treasure Coast Airpark, Florida
42.4 4FL22 St Lucie Medical Center Heliport, Florida

26° 54' 29.35'' N - 80° 19' 42.29'' W

History of this Location

Sikorsky maintains a test facility towards the eastern end of this site, where the HH-60W first flew on 17 May 2019.

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List of units at William P Gwinn

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
Sikorsky HelicoptersS-92 1997/   

William P Gwinn News

SB>1 Defiant First Look, 26-Dec-18 : #DEFIANT Boeing and Sikorsky unveiled the SB>1 Defiant at West Palm Beach, Florida. Is the Joint Multi-Role (JMR) technology demonstrator for the US Army future helicopter program

S-97 Raider Exceeds 200 Knots, 04-Oct-18 : #Raider The S-97 Raider exceeds 200 Knots and Sikorsky prepares proposal for US Army's Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft program

Sikorsky Recognizes Top Suppliers, 27-Mar-18 : Sikorsky honored its top suppliers with a ceremony in West Palm Beach, Florida. 22 suppliers were recognized for best performance in achieving on-time delivery, cost and quality standards during 2017

CH-53K Completes Critical Flight Envelope Expansion, 07-Mar-18 : The CH-53K completed an external lift of a 36,000 lbs / 16 Ton payload achieving a maximum weight on the single center point cargo hook. This is three times the external load of its predecessor

CH-53K First Dual Point External Load, 21-Dec-17 : The CH-53K King Stallion performed first dual point external load. The four prototypes have logged more than 650 flight hours to date.

23-Feb-17 - CH-53K King Stallion Completes 400 Flight Hours
20-Oct-16 - CH-53K Initial Operational Testing by USMC
23-Jun-16 - CH-53K King Stallion Completes First 27K Lift
27-May-16 - CH-53K King Stallion Completes First 20K Lift

List of aircraft and events at William P Gwinn

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1982-dec US Army AviationUH-60A Black Hawk77-22714
2011-jun-04 S-92N492SA
2014-dec-04 S-76BN3124G
2015-mar-18 S-76DN762D
2017-aug-02 accidentSikorsky HelicoptersS-97 RaiderN971SK
2017-dec-05 Sikorsky HelicoptersCH-53K King Stallion168778
2018-mar-07 Sikorsky HelicoptersCH-53K King Stallion168780
2018-dec-26 Sikorsky HelicoptersSB>1 DefiantN100FV

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