united kingdom 32nm S of Plymouth

Plymouth, Offshore UK
united kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of 32nm S of Plymouth with nearby locations

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10.8313 ss Merc Enterprise, Offshore UK
13.6325 15nm S Eddystone, Offshore UK
40.2348 Eddystone, Offshore UK
46.2284 12nm E of The Lizard, Cornwall
49.0 47 5.5nm S of Start Point, Offshore UK
54.4 3 HMS Cambridge, England

49 49 48 secs N - 4 9 12 secs W
32nm S of Plymouth

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List of aircraft and events at 32nm S of Plymouth

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1975-sep-17 AccidentRoyal NavyAudacious classR09 HMS Ark Royal
1975-sep-17 AccidentFleet Air ArmWessex HAS.1XP112

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