usa McNary ARNG Field Heliport

Salem, Oregon

Satellite and aerial maps of McNary ARNG Field Heliport with nearby locations

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0.7189KSLE Salem Municipal Airport / McNary Field, Oregon
33.2340KMMV McMinnville Municipal, Oregon
34.4340 Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, Oregon
41.4 25KUAO Aurora State, Oregon
46.035417S Chehalem Airpark, Oregon
51.5206KCVO Corvallis Municipal, Oregon

44° 54' 42.84'' N - 122° 59' 55.69'' W

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List of units at McNary ARNG Field Heliport

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
Oregon National Guard

McNary ARNG Field Heliport News

Oregon Air Ambulance Returned from Middle East, 03-Apr-18 : Oregon Army National Guard Company G, 1-189th AVN returned from Middle East deployment. Operating 15 HH-60M from 6 locations in Syria, Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait completed over 180 combat medevac missions

Oregon Guards Medevac Unit Renames, 07-Aug-16 : Oregon Army National Guard s medical evacuation helicopter unit, Company C (Charlie), 7-158th Aviation Regiment is now Company G (Golf) 1-189th Aviation Regiment equipped with HH-60M

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