italy Augusta Naval Base

Augusta, Sicily



Satellite and aerial maps of Augusta with nearby locations

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1.8158 MariEliport, Sicily
29.3333LICC Catania Fontanarossa , Sicily
30.9339 Catania, Sicily
32.1306LICZ Sigonella, Sicily
35.8338 Elisuperficie Gaspare Rodoligo, Sicily
59.9244LICB Comiso, Sicily

37° 13' 54.16'' N - 15° 12' 59.31'' E

History of this Location

Homeport of:
F 551 Minerva (jun87-present)
F 552 Urania (jun87-present)
F 553 Danaide (feb88-present)
F 554 Sfinge (feb88-present)
F 555 Driade (sep91-present)
F 556 Chimera (jan91-present)
F 557 Fenice (sep91-present)
F 558 Sibilla (may91-present)

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List of aircraft and events at Augusta

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2002-sep-16 2002-oct UK Royal NavyType 42 (Batch 3)D97 HMS Edinburgh
2002-sep-16 UK Royal NavyType 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall classF87 HMS Chatham
2016-mar-30 Italian NavyMaestrale classF 574 Aliseo
2017-jan-25 ES Spanish NavySanta Maria classF-86 Canarias

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