united kingdom Cairnryan, Dumfries

Stranraer, Scotland
united kingdom

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14.4159EGOY West Freugh, Scotland
48.4295 North Channel, Offshore UK
50.6255 Ferris Point, Northern Ireland
61.9308 nr Mull of Kintyre, Scotland
62.1307 Mull of Kintyre, Scotland
65.2 25EGPK Prestwick, Scotland

54 58 15 secs N - 5 1 34 secs W
4nm N of Stranraer

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Ships built

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1972-aug-11 1972-aug Breakers YardRoyal NavyCentaur classR06 HMS Centaur
1978-sep-04 1980 Breakers YardRoyal NavyAudacious classR05 HMS Eagle
1980-sep-22 1983 Breakers YardRoyal NavyAudacious classR09 HMS Ark Royal
1982-oct Breakers YardRoyal NavyTiger conversion classC99 HMS Blake
1982-nov 1982-dec-03 Breakers YardRoyal NavyType 81 Tribal classF125 HMS Mohawk
1984-apr Breakers YardRoyal NavyModified Centaur classR08 HMS Bulwark

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