algeria Ain Arnat Airport

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Satellite and aerial maps of Ain Arnat with nearby locations

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116.2083DABC Mohamed Boudiaf International, Constantine
158.2166DAUB Biskra / Mohamed Khider, Biskra
198.0287DAAG Houari Bouimedienne Aeroport, Algiers
212.9289 Algiers,
224.0283 c 2.7nm SW of Douera, Tipasa
232.9071DABB Annaba, El Tarf

36° 10' 43.00'' N - 5° 19' 48.00'' E

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Ain Arnat News

Leonardo Plant in Algeria to be Ready in 2021, 25-Mar-19 : Leonardo and the Algerian Ministry of National Defence are setting up a helicopter facility in Aïn Arnat, Algeria scheduled to become operational in 2021 for local helicopter assembly, support and training

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