tanzania Dar-es-Salaam Harbour


10.9245HTDA Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam
309.3 7 Port Mombasa, Mombasa
339.2171HTLI Lindi, Lindi
344.5 9 Vipingo, Kilifi

6 50 5 secs S - 39 17 40 secs E

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1964-jan-12 1964-mar-30 UK Royal NavyType 12 Rothesay classF129 HMS Rhyl
1964-jan-21 1964-feb UK Royal NavyCentaur classR06 HMS Centaur
1964-jan-29 1964-mar UK Royal NavyIllustrious classR38 HMS Victorious
1985-nov IN Indian NavyNilgiri classF41 INS Taragiri
2011-dec-10 Dar-es-SalaamUK Royal NavyType 23 Duke classF82 HMS Somerset

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