germany Bonn-Hangelar

Bonn-Hangelar, Nordrhein-Westfalen

11.2351EDDK Cologne Bonn, Nordrhein-Westfalen
20.4338 Merheim, Nordrhein-Westfalen
30.0321ETBB Butzweilerhof, Nordrhein-Westfalen
36.1281ETNN Norvenich, Nordrhein-Westfalen
42.1 20EDKN Wipperfuerth-Neye, Nordrhein-Westfalen
46.1166ETHM Mendig, Rheinland-Pfalz

1927 to present

50 46 8.8 secs N - 7 9 44.02 secs E
4 mile NE of Bonn
Elevation: 190 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
??/05bgs-fliegerstaffel west


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By Date | By Serial

2002-apr-01 EC135T1D-HJAR
2002-apr-20 MD900 ExplorerD-HITH
2002-may-18 EC135P1D-HKUG
2004-may-11 AS332L1 Super PumaD-HEGB
2004-may-11 SA330F PumaD-HAXA
2004-may-30 EC135P1D-HAIT
2004-may-30 MD900 ExplorerD-HITH
2004-jun-19 MD900 ExplorerLX-HPG
2004-jul-26 EC135P2D-HRPB
2004-sep-04 Bk117A-1D-HBKK
2004-sep-04 Bo105CBS-5D-HBWH
2004-sep-05 407D-HACC
2005-may ADAC Luftrettung GmbHBk117A-3D-HSMA
2005-may-20 AS532U2 Cougar 8202
2005-may-20 EC135T18252
2005-may-20 EC155BD-HLRZ
2005-may-20 MD902 ExplorerD-HBWF
2006-aug-26 407D-HACC
2006-oct-10 Bk117B-1D-HBRE
2006-oct-20 EC135P1D-HLEU
2006-oct-20 MD902 ExplorerLX-HRC
2008-may-09 EC135P2D-HBLN
2008-jul-24 MD902 ExplorerLX-HRC
2008-sep-08 Bo105CBS-5D-HBWH
2008-sep-11 SA330F PumaD-HAXA
2008-oct-12 EC135T1D-HVBI
2009-apr-15 A109A-IIOE-XFH
2009-may-01 Bk117A-3D-HMUM
2009-may-16 EC135P2D-HBLN
2009-may-30 EC145D-HWVS
2009-jun-02 Bo105CBS-5D-HBWH
2009-jun-26 MD900 ExplorerD-HSDD
2009-aug-07 Bk117B-1D-HSFB
2009-aug-11 Bk117B-2D-HEOE / 118
2009-aug-11 EC135P1D-HSOS
2009-aug-22 EC155BD-HLTL
2009-aug-23 EC135P2D-HDMA
2009-aug-23 EC135T2D-HVBQ
2009-sep-01 Bk117B-1D-HBRE
2009-sep-01 EC135T2PH-ULP
2009-sep-01 MD600ND-HKAL
2009-oct-09 AS350B2 EcureuilD-HMEG
2009-oct-19 Bk117A-1D-HMUS
2009-nov-01 EC135T2+PH-HVB
2009-dec-23 Bk117B-1D-HBAY
2010-mar-18 Bo105AD-HGSA
2010-apr-10 Bk117B-1D-HSFB
2010-apr-17 Bk117A-3D-HMUZ
2010-may-08 Bk117A-1D-HDAC
2010-may-08 Bk117B-2D-HBRB
2010-may-08 EC135P2D-HSAN
2010-jun-01 429C-FTNB
2010-jul-07 AS332L1 Super PumaD-HEGK
2010-jul-15 EC135P1D-HBYF
2010-jul-15 EC135P1D-HBYA
2010-jul-15 EC145D-HLRG
2010-jul-18 EC135P2D-HDEC
2010-aug-14 EC135P1D-HBYE
2010-aug-14 EC135P1D-HSOS
2010-aug-22 Bk117B-2D-HLTB
2010-sep-15 EC135P1D-HBYH
2010-sep-15 EC135T2PH-ULP
2010-dec-02 EC135P1D-HKUG
2011-feb-13 EC135P1D-HBYH
2011-mar-05 Bo105CBS-2D-HAAO
2011-mar-08 EC135P2D-HRPA
2011-mar-08 EC135T2PH-EMS
2011-mar-12 EC135P1D-HBYF
2011-apr-01 Bk117B-1D-HSFB
2011-apr-09 Cabri G2D-HAVB
2011-may-01 EC135P1D-HBYA
2011-may-01 EC145D-HLRG
2011-may-04 Bo105CBS-5D-HBWH
2011-jul-10 EC135P2D-HOFF
2011-jul-22 AS332L1 Super PumaD-HEGK
2011-aug-04 EC145D-HHEB
2011-sep-02 EC135P1D-HBYE
2011-sep-10 300CD-HRUT
2011-sep-15 EC135P2+D-HLCK
2011-sep-25 EC135P1D-HAIT
2011-oct-04 EC120BPH-UNN
2011-oct-23 EC135T1D-HEUR
2012-mar-23 EC135T2D-HVBQ
2012-mar-26 EC135T2PH-ELP
2012-apr ADAC Luftrettung GmbHEC135P1D-HSOS
2012-may-01 EC135T1D-HEOY
2012-may-01 EC155B1D-HLTQ
2012-may-19 EC135P1D-HSOS
2012-oct-10 EC135T2D-HVBW
2013-jan-26 EC135T1G-CGXK
2013-mar-06 Bk117A-1D-HBKK
2013-mar-15 Bo105CBS-5D-HBWH
2013-mar-15 EC135P2D-HDEC
2013-mar-15 EC135P2+D-HLCK
2013-mar-27 EC135P2+D-HRGR
2013-jul-07 EC120BD-HCLC
2013-jul-07 EC135P1D-HTMB
2013-aug-17 EC135P1D-HBYE
2013-sep-06 Bk117A-1D-HDAC
2013-sep-06 UH-72A Lakota09-72105
2014-mar-21 EC135P2+D-HXAC
2014-may-28 EC135P1D-HBYE
2014-sep-14 Bk117B-1D-HEMS
2015-may-11 Cabri G2D-HAIG
2015-jun-06 AB206B-3D-HAFY
2015-sep-24 Bk117A-1D-HBKK
2015-oct-10 EC135P1D-HBYE
2015-dec-19 EC135P2+D-HLCK
2016-feb-16 Bk117A-1D-HBKK
2016-apr-11 EC135P2+D-HSHP
2016-may-07 EC135P1D-HBYE
2016-sep-04 LifeFlight GmbHH145 / EC145T2D-HYAP
2017-jan-10 trailerEC145G-CJMM
2017-jan-10 trailerEC145G-CJMI,XA-UPT,?,OO-NSL
2017-jan-10 trailerEC145XA-UQC,G-CJNC,?
2017-jan-10 trailerEC145XA-UQD,G-CJND,?
2017-jun-08 EC145G-CJMI,XA-UPT,?,OO-NSL
2017-jun-08 EC145XA-UQD,G-CJND,?

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