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  • germany Flughafen Zweibrücken

    Zweibrücken, Rhineland-Palatinate


    Satellite and aerial maps of Zweibrücken with nearby locations

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    4.3326 Ixheim, Rhineland-Palatinate
    8.8046EDRP Pirmasens, Rhineland-Palatinate
    11.6339UKS Saarland University Hospital, Saarland
    21.1271EDDR Ensheim, Saarland
    23.6024ETIP Landstuhl, Rhineland-Palatinate
    24.3028ETIY Landstuhl Hospital, Rhineland-Palatinate

    1952 to present

    49° 12' 33.64'' N - 7° 24' 1.78'' E
    2.5nm SE of Zweibrücken
    Elevation: 1133 feet

    History of this Location

    Former ICAO: EDAM

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    List of aircraft and events at Zweibrücken

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    By Date | By Serial

    2005-sep-28 Heeresflieger CH-53G 84+80
    2006-sep-20 301 Squadron AH-64D Q-22
    2006-sep-20 301 Squadron AH-64D Q-13
    2006-sep-20 301 Squadron AH-64D Q-14
    2006-sep-20 301 Squadron AH-64D Q-21
    2006-sep-20 300 Squadron AS532U2 S-433
    2006-sep-20 300 Squadron AS532U2 S-458
    2006-sep-20 300 Squadron AS532U2 S-442
    2006-sep-20 298 Squadron CH-47D D-666
    2006-sep-20 298 Squadron CH-47D D-664
    2006-sep-23 AS532U2 S-442 / 64
    2006-sep-23 RNLAF CH-47D D-664
    2008-oct-02 RNLAF CH-47D D-103

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