germany Freiburg Breisgau

Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg

20.7231EDTG Bremgarten, Baden-Württemberg
36.7286LFGA Houssen, Centre, 18 Cher
38.8359EDTL Lahr / Black Forest Airport, Baden-Württemberg
48.0 7EDTO Offenburg, Baden-Württemberg
51.7 83 Villingen - Schwenningen, Baden-Württemberg
51.9206LFSB Basle Mulhouse, Elzas, 68 Haut-Rhin

1911 to present

48 1 12 secs N - 7 50 2 secs E
Elevation: 799 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1993/    Christoph 54 (DRF)bk117 1993/   
1978/86FR 2 Regiment D'Helicopteres de CombatSA330 Puma 1978/92
Gazelle 1978/92
Alouette III 1978/80


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By Date | By Serial

2001-apr-13 206B-3 Jet RangerD-HJET
2001-jun-19 BK117B-2D-HSSS
2001-jul-05 BK117B-2D-HECE
2001-aug-12 BK117B-1D-HIMB
2001-nov-03 A109K2HB-XWB
2001-dec-01 BK117B-2D-HBBB
2002-may-06 BK117A-1D-HDDD
2002-jun-08 A109K2HB-XWA
2002-jul-27 bo105p PAH-18783
2002-nov-17 A109K2HB-XWC
2002-nov-17 BK117B-2D-HTTT
2003-mar-08 AS332C Super PumaHB-XVY
2003-mar-14 BK117B-1D-HIMB
2003-jul-05 bo105cD-HCCA
2003-jul-05 EC155BD-HLTI
2003-nov-01 BK117A-3D-HILF
2003-nov-18 AS350B1 EcureuilD-HHBP
2003-dec-06 EC135T1D-HEOY
2004-may-04 BK117A-3D-HMUF
2004-may-04 EC135T2D-HVBR
2004-may-23 A109cHB-ZDC
2004-jun-27 MD900 ExplorerHB-XJF
2004-jun-27 MD902 ExplorerD-HBWC
2004-jun-27 MD902 ExplorerD-HBWD
2004-jun-29 EC120BD-HAUV
2005-mar-13 BK117B-1D-HIMB
2005-apr-01 EC145HB-ZRE
2007-jul-17 EC135P2+D-HDRQ
2008-oct-11 230D-HHHB
2009-mar-19 MD902 ExplorerD-HBWD
2010-sep-01 BK117B-1D-HIMB
2010-sep-01 MD902 ExplorerD-HBWD

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Heliconia AW139 Service Centre for Honeywell

Sloane AW139 Service for Isles of Scilly from 2019

Bell 505 Bearpaws by DART Aerospace

Qatar Ordered 28 NH90 and 16 H125

Air Ambulance Interior for the AW109SP



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