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  • united kingdom London Southend

    Southend, Essex, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of London Southend / Rochford with nearby locations

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    4.4172 Southend, England
    6.9058 Church Hall Farm, England
    8.8116 MoD Shoeburyness, England
    14.6197 Stoke, England
    15.4278 Basildon, England
    15.6314 Rettendon, England

    51° 34' 17.04'' N - 0° 41' 44.00'' E

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    List of aircraft and events at London Southend / Rochford

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    By Date | By Serial

    1965-oct-18 AAC AH.1 XR638
    1969 Exhibit dragonfly WG670
    1972 Exhibit Skeeter 7 XL811
    1973-mar-01 S-61N G-BAKB
    1974 Helicopter Hire Dragonfly 1A G-ANLW
    1975 Stored Widgeon G-APVD
    1975-jul Exhibit AH.1 XP165
    1976-mar ExhibitFlambards Experience Widgeon G-APTW
    1978-mar Helicopter Hire Sioux G-BFOI
    1979-jan-01 HU.5 XT772
    1981-oct Stored HR.3 0020
    1985-mar-09 30-100 G-KATE
    2002-nov-23 HT.3 G-CBSK
    2003-may-26 HAR.3A ZH542
    2003-may-26 HAS.3 ZD254
    2003-sep-04 EC135T2 G-ESEX
    2003-nov-04 AW109E G-JMXA
    2003-nov-25 AS332L G-TIGJ
    2004-mar-24 430 N430CE
    2004-mar-29 206B-3 G-JETX
    2004-may-30 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-SSXX
    2004-may-30 HAR.3A ZH544 / Y
    2004-may-30 HAS.2 XZ727 / 632
    2004-may-30 HAS.3 ZD249 / 637
    2004-may-30 HT.3 G-CBSK
    2004-may-31 CH-53C 70-1630
    2004-aug-26 RAF CH-47D ZA704
    2004-nov-01 206B-3 G-BXDS
    2005-may-29 AB206A G-CRDY
    2005-may-29 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-SSXX
    2005-may-29 HAS.2 XZ235 / 633
    2005-jul-06 HT.3 ZB627
    2005-aug-25 HAS.3 ZD265 / 306
    2006-may-28 CH-47D ZA718 / EQ
    2006-may-28 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-SSXX
    2006-may-28 EC135T2 G-ESEX
    2006-may-28 HAS.2 XZ732 / 673
    2006-may-28 HC.4 ZD626
    2006-aug-13 PDG Helicopters AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2006-dec-26 Bristow EC155B1 G-ISSV
    2007-feb-20 UK Air Ambulances EC135T2 G-SSXX
    2009-may-24 HAS.3 ZD265 / 643
    2009-dec-20 AW109S G-CDWY
    2012-mar-27 AW109SP G-SGRP
    2012-may-06 National Rail AS355F2 G-NTWK
    2015-apr-01 SA341G N150SF
    2015-dec-09 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CIJX
    2016-jul-28 AW109SP G-SKBH
    2017-feb-08 EC155B1 A7-HMD
    2017-sep Rotex Helicopter AG K-MAX HB-ZGK
    2019-may-11 Visiting EC155B1 A7-HMD
    2019-oct-22 Saxonair AW109SP G-KLNH
    2020-apr-16 RAF AW109SP GZ100
    2020-may-18 AW139 M-SHRM
    2020-aug-06 32 (The Royal) Squadron AW109SP GZ100
    2021-mar-06 MD500E N369E

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