Evangelisch Jung-Stilling-Krankenhaus

Siegen , North Rhine-Westphalia

germany Germany

Satellite and aerial maps of JSK Siegen with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Siegerland , North Rhine-Westphalia 16.7164EDGS
Breitscheid , Hesse 22.1150EDGB
LDK Dillenburg , Hesse 22.2121LDKD
DRK Krankenhaus Hachenburg , Rhineland-Palatinate 25.5211DKHH
Krankenhaus Altenkirchen Westerwald , Rhineland-Palatinate 33.2235KAH
VAMED Klinik Bad Berleburg , North Rhine-Westphalia 35.8049KKHW

  JSK Siegen

50° 51' 8.6'' N     8° 1' 3'' E
Siegen, North Rhine-Westphalia
Elevation: 1080 feet

The marker shows the Christoph 25 helipad, which was opened in early 2018, replacing the smaller one 20m to the south west, directly oppositie its hangar.

The main hospital helipad is on a roof top, c 140m to the south east. This too, replaced an earlier pad on an adjacent rooftop, in 2019.

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  List of units at JSK Siegen

Years Unit
1982-    Christoph 25 (ADAC)EC135, Bo105,

List of aircraft and events at JSK Siegen

2002-jun-11 Christoph 25Christoph 25 (ADAC) 105CBS-2 D-HGYN
2002-sep-07 Christoph 25Christoph 25 (ADAC) 105CBS-2 D-HGYN
2002-dec-10 Christoph 25Christoph 25 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HPMM

2012-apr-21 Christoph 25Christoph 25 (ADAC) EC135P2 D-HPMM

2017-aug-02 Christoph 25 (ADAC) EC135P3 D-HXBB

2020-apr-29 Christoph 25 (ADAC) EC135P3 D-HXBB
2020-nov-05 CHX83Christoph Dortmund (DRF) EC145 D-HDRR

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