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  • denmark Stauning Lufthavn

    Stauning, Midtjylland


    Satellite and aerial maps of Stauning with nearby locations

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    43.8194 Oksbol military training area, Syddanmark
    44.8022EKHH Holstebro Hospital, Midtjylland
    45.5006EKHO Lindtorp, Midtjylland
    52.4232DK19 Horns Rev 3 OWF, Offshore Denmark
    53.1166EKEB Esbjerg, Syddanmark
    57.0118EKBI Billund, Syddanmark

    55° 59' 24.36'' N - 8° 21' 14.08'' E
    Elevation: 17 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Stauning

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    1980-jun-07 S-61A-5 U-481
    1996-jun-01 S-61A-1 U-279
    2002-jun-08 S-61A-1 U-278
    2004-jun-12 S-61A-1 U-275
    2004-oct-12 AS550C2 P-287
    2005-jul-13 S-61A-1 U-240
    2007-jun-09 Esk.722 /M-513 MK512 M-513
    2007-sep ExhibitFlyvevÄbnet S-55C S-884
    2008-jun-14 Esk.722 /M-507 MK512 M-507
    2008-sep-01 S-61A-1 U-240

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