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  • poland Babice

    Warszawa, Województwo mazowieckie



    Satellite and aerial maps of Babice with nearby locations

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    12.2160EPWA Warszawa (Warsaw) - Okecie, Województwo mazowieckie
    26.6319EPMO Warsaw-Modlin, Województwo mazowieckie
    27.2110EPGO Góraszka, Województwo mazowieckie
    42.6259EPSO Sochaczew, Województwo mazowieckie
    51.6098EPMM Minsk Mazowiecki, Województwo mazowieckie
    94.2216EPTM Tomaszow Mazowiecki, Województwo lódzkie

    52° 16' 9.12'' N - 20° 54' 25.92'' E

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    List of aircraft and events at Babice

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    By Date | By Serial

    2006-sep-01 AW109E SP-HXA / RATOWNIK 12
    2006-nov-11 W-3A SN-32XP / A013
    2007-apr-22 AW109E SP-HXA / RATOWNIK 12
    2008-may-07 EC135P2 SP-HDV
    2009-aug-12 427 SP-KKU
    2009-sep-01 EC135P2+ SP-HXB
    2009-sep-19 AW109E SP-HXA / RATOWNIK 12
    2011-mar-23 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXH
    2011-jul-20 EC135P2+ SP-HXB
    2011-aug-23 EC135P2+ SP-DMS
    2011-sep-13 MD900 EC-LHT
    2011-dec-21 AW109E SP-HXA
    2012-jun-21 mi-24d 460
    2012-jun-28 W-3A SN-32XP / A013
    2012-jun-29 EC135P2+ SP-DMS
    2012-oct-20 427 SP-KKU
    2013-may-07 EC135P2+ SP-HXN
    2013-aug-04 Policja Kania SN-51XP / U020
    2013-sep-13 EC135P2+ SP-DMS
    2013-sep-14 AW149 I-RAII
    2013-nov-11 mi-24d 459
    2013-nov-11 mi-24d 460
    2014-jun-06 EC130B4 SP-EWA
    2014-nov-16 427 SP-KKU
    2015-may-11 EC145 SP-HIL
    2015-may-21 AW149 CSX81890 / 2
    2017-mar-03 AMI AW101 611 MM81864
    2017-mar-03 EC145 SP-HIL
    2017-oct-20 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXS
    2018-jan-05 Valstybes Sienos Apsaugos Tarnyba EC145 LY-HCF
    2019-mar-22 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXS

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