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  • poland Gdansk - Lech Walesa

    Gdansk, Województwo pomorskie


    Satellite and aerial maps of Lech Walesa with nearby locations

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    12.1092 Stocznia Gdanska, Województwo pomorskie
    17.9009PLGDY Nauta, Województwo pomorskie
    19.2016 Gdynia, Województwo pomorskie
    19.3137EPPR Pruszcz Gdanski, Województwo pomorskie
    23.1007EPOK Gdynia Babie Doly - Oksywie, Województwo pomorskie
    38.8016EPJA Jastarnia, Województwo pomorskie

    54° 22' 34.33'' N - 18° 28' 18.84'' E
    Elevation: 489 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Lech Walesa

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    By Date | By Serial

    2003-jun-08 427 SP-KKU
    2003-sep-07 AS350B F-GECM
    2004-jun-04 W-3A SN-32XP / A013
    2004-jun-10 AS355F SP-TKM
    2004-jul-01 Siły Powietrzne Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej MI-8S 620
    2004-jul-11 407 SP-FDN
    2004-sep-01 W-3WARM 0813 / 0813
    2004-sep-05 AS350B F-GECM
    2004-oct-10 427 SP-KKU
    2005-feb-26 407 SP-FDN
    2005-aug-21 W-3RM 0511
    2006-mar-25 SA330E XW222
    2006-mar-26 SA330E XW229 / DB
    2006-mar-26 SA330E XW222
    2006-jul-02 412HP 02
    2006-jul-04 AB206B-3 G-SELY
    2006-nov-25 MD902 LX-HRC
    2006-dec-18 BMI EC135T2+ D-HECJ
    2007-may-07 Policja Kania SN-51XP / U020
    2007-jun-05 VH-3D 159360
    2007-jun-06 HH-53C 67-14994
    2007-jun-06 HH-53C 69-5795
    2007-jun-08 HH-53C 69-5796
    2007-jun-09 CH-53C 70-1630
    2007-aug-08 W-3RM 0511
    2007-aug-28 412HP 02
    2008-apr-05 EC130B4 SP-GRD
    2008-jul-05 EC135P2 SP-HDV
    2010-aug-01 407 SP-FDN
    2010-sep-21 206L D-HHRW
    2010-nov-15 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXD
    2011-nov-02 EC135P2+ SP-HXN
    2012-aug-08 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXH
    2012-aug-13 105C D-HTDM
    2012-sep-27 EC135P2+ SP-DMS
    2013-feb-28 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXD
    2013-sep-05 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXS
    2013-nov-29 412SP 145
    2014-apr-17 EC155B1 PH-EQU
    2014-may-15 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXS
    2015-apr-03 Heli Holland EC155B1 PH-EQU
    2015-aug-20 EC135P2+ SP-DMS
    2015-oct-14 LPR EC135P2+ SP-HXH

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