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  • argentina Helipuerto Dolores

    Dolores, Buenos Aires


    Satellite and aerial maps of Helipuerto Dolores with nearby locations

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    93.8109SAZL Santa Teresita, Buenos Aires
    107.9020SAAI Punta Indio, Buenos Aires
    122.1141 Pinamar, Buenos Aires
    144.0353SADL La Plata, Buenos Aires
    157.7353 Astillero Rio Santiago (AFNE), Buenos Aires
    173.7230SAZT Tandil, Buenos Aires

    36° 15' 29.24'' S - 57° 42' 32.71'' W
    Ruta 2

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    List of aircraft and events at Helipuerto Dolores

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    2010-jan-31 105CBS LQ-APX
    2012-jan Summer Holidays route 2 HEMSGobierno de la Provincia de Buenos Aires EC145 LQ-CLU

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