Jeddah Naval Base

Jeddah , Makkah

saudi arabia Saudi Arabia

Satellite and aerial maps of Jeddah Naval Base with nearby locations

Nearby locationsKmBearing
Jeddah Islamic Port , Makkah 5.3347
King Faisal Naval Base , Makkah 9.2179OEJF
Prince Abdullah Air Base , Makkah 27.7356OEJN
Red Sea , 52.3262
Taif , Makkah 142.0087OETF
Port Sudan , Kassala 300.1222HSPN

  Jeddah Naval Base

21° 25' 50'' N     39° 10' 20'' E
Jeddah, Makkah

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List of aircraft and events at Jeddah Naval Base

1988-apr-091988-apr-13 Aéronautique Navale Achéron class A620 Jules Verne

2006-nov RN Type 23 Duke class F237 HMS Westminster

2007-jan-212007-jan-23 RN Type 22 (Batch 3) Cornwall class F86 HMS Campbeltown

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