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  • usa Scholes International at Galveston

    Galveston, Texas


    Satellite and aerial maps of Scholes International at Galveston with nearby locations

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    40.53117XS0 Polly Ranch Airport, Texas
    42.6093 A-MOPU, Texas
    44.0159 C JUNCTION PLAT, Texas
    44.72916R5 Alvin Airpark, Texas
    46.7307KLVJ Pearland Regional, Texas
    47.8322KEFD Ellington, Texas

    29° 15' 55.08'' N - 94° 51' 37.43'' W

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    Scholes International at Galveston News

    Era SAR Reached 1000 Mission Milestone, 23-May-16 : Era announced its Search and Rescue (SAR) AW139 helicopters, in partnership with Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR), has successfully completed 1,000 missions in the Gulf of Mexico

    List of aircraft and events at Scholes International at Galveston

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    By Date | By Serial

    1991 PHI Inc AS355F N58015
    1991-jan PHI Inc 206L-1 N10814
    1992-aug RLC 206L-1 N57441
    1992-aug PHI Inc S-76A N1547D
    1998-mar-18 206L-1 N1076T
    1998-mar-18 412 N3911L
    1998-aug-19 412 N419EH
    1999-feb-24 105CBS-4 N624MB
    2002-oct-20 407 N741PH
    2002-oct-20 S-76A N769AL
    2003-sep-01 206B-3 N3889Y
    2003-sep-01 212 N5017H
    2003-sep-01 407 N741PH
    2003-sep-01 S-76C N861AL
    2004-mar-01 407 N495PH
    2004-oct-22 212 N16974
    2006-mar-04 EC120B N120TX
    2006-mar-04 EC155B1 N588CF
    2006-apr-30 HH-65 6582
    2008-sep USAF HH-60G 92-26471
    2008-sep-13 66th RQS HH-60G 89-26201
    2008-sep-13 210th RQS HH-60G 92-26470
    2009-jun Army OH-58A 71-20414
    2009-jun-05 Army OH-58A 70-15150
    2009-nov-01 PHI Inc S-76C N761P
    2011-mar-22 UH-1H N22490
    2011-sep-10 ERA Helicopters S-76C N928DZ
    2012-jun-14 PHI Inc S-92A N292PH
    2014-jun-11 PHI Inc AW139 N153PH
    2014-jul-07 ERA Helicopters AW139 N829SN
    2015-feb-24 ERA Helicopters AW139 N113CV
    2015-mar-26 PHI Inc S-92A N933PH
    2015-apr-03 S-76C N790P
    2015-apr-03 PHI Inc S-92A N928PH
    2015-jun-18 PHI Inc S-92A N992PH
    2015-sep-21 PHI Inc S-92A N944PH
    2015-sep-25 PHI Inc S-92A N949PH
    2015-oct-09 PHI Inc S-92A N941PH
    2015-oct-20 PHI Inc AW139 N153PH
    2015-nov-06 PHI Inc S-92A N932PH
    2015-nov-08 S-92A N924PH
    2015-nov-18 PHI Inc AW139 N151PH
    2015-dec-01 PHI Inc S-92A N933PH
    2015-dec-04 PHI Inc S-92A N945PH
    2016-jan-01 PHI Inc S-92A N933PH
    2016-jan-04 PHI Inc S-92A N945PH
    2016-jan-06 PHI Inc S-92A N949PH
    2016-apr-29 PHI Inc AW139 N151PH
    2016-jun-03 PHI Inc S-92A N947PH
    2016-jun-13 ERA Helicopters AW139 N119MW
    2016-oct-10 ERA Helicopters AW139 N808FG
    2016-oct-21 PHI Inc S-92A N929PH
    2016-dec-03 PHI Inc S-92A N933PH
    2019-jun-12 Billings Flying Service CH-47D N303AJ
    2020-mar-26 ERA Helicopters EC135P2+ N324XM
    2020-sep-26 ERA Helicopters AW139 N561RV

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