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  • usa West 30th St. Heliport

    New York, New York



    Satellite and aerial maps of West 30th Street Heliport with nearby locations

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    1.3024 USS Intrepid Museum, New York
    1.5024US NYC Pier 88, New York
    1.8024 Pier 92, New York
    3.21146N5 East 34th Street Heliport, New York
    4.2082 East 60th Street Heliport, New York
    4.501307NJ Palisades Medical Center Heliport, New Jersey

    40° 45' 16.20'' N - 74° 0' 25.57'' W

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    List of units at West 30th Street Heliport

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    Liberty HelicoptersAS350 Ecureuil 1992/   

    List of aircraft and events at West 30th Street Heliport

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    By Date | By Serial

    AS350BA N5NY
    2000-oct-09 AS350BA N666LH
    2001-may-01 AS350BA N401LH
    2001-may-01 AS350BA N87BH
    2002-aug-01 412EP N414PD
    2002-dec-01 206L N78TD
    2003-apr-20 AS350BA N401LH
    2003-apr-20 EC130B4 N454AE
    2003-oct-03 EC130B4 N456AE
    2003-nov-29 EC130B4 N453AE
    2004-feb-01 EC130B4 N456AE
    2004-apr-09 EC130B4 N454AE
    2004-apr-24 A109E N200BK
    2004-jul-24 EC130B4 N11QC
    2004-jul-25 AS350BA N401LH
    2004-jul-25 EC130B4 N453AE
    2004-jul-25 S-76C N808MM
    2005-apr-11 206L N78TD
    2005-apr-11 AS350BA N401LH
    2005-may-13 EC130B4 N454AE
    2005-nov-13 EC130B4 N456AE
    2006-jun-06 EC130B4 N456AE
    2007-jul-24 S-76B N7642S
    2009-feb-15 HeliFlite 430 N432HF
    2009-feb-15 AS350B2 N130RU
    2009-nov-22 AS350B2 N646PT
    2010-feb-14 206B-2 N59604
    2010-feb-21 AW139 N139H
    2010-jun-08 AB139 N71PS
    2010-jun-13 AS350B2 N130RU
    2010-jun-13 AW139 N80EW
    2010-jun-18 430 N430HF
    2010-jun-20 222 N212DM
    2010-jun-20 AS365N3 N178MT
    2010-jun-20 S-76B N19HF
    2010-jun-30 S-76C N399KK
    2010-nov-28 S-76C N101MM
    2010-nov-28 S-92A N314RG
    2011-jan-16 AS350B2 N646PT
    2011-feb-06 A109E N200BK
    2011-apr-30 430 N431LL
    2011-apr-30 AS365N2 N886TW
    2011-jun-02 430 N431HF
    2012-sep-18 S-76B N19HF
    2013-may-13 AS365N3 M-LVIA
    2015-feb-16 HeliFlite 430 N432HF
    2015-mar-25 429 N917PD
    2015-apr-23 429 N919PD
    2015-apr-30 430 N430HF
    2015-may-09 HeliFlite 430 N432HF
    2015-jul-02 429 N918PD
    2015-sep-09 S-76D N76UT
    2015-sep-16 429 N918PD
    2015-sep-27 S-76B N19HF
    2015-nov-17 S-76D N76UT
    2016-feb-04 S-76D N76UT
    2016-sep-16 429 N919PD
    2019-may-15 accidentState of New York 206L-4 N26BB

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