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  • usa NAF El Centro

    El Centro, California



    Satellite and aerial maps of NAF El Centro with nearby locations

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    8.7086KIPL Imperial, California
    55.6309L90 Ocotillo, California
    69.630558CL Borrego Air Ranch, California
    73.5303 Borrego Medical Clinic, California
    77.1308L08 Borrego Valley, California
    93.0357L77 Chiriaco Summit, California

    32° 49' 45.12'' N - 115° 40' 19.19'' W

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    NAF El Centro News

    Camp Pendleton Marines in Summer Fury, 24-Jul-20 : #SummerFury US Marines Light Attack Helicopter Squadron HMLA-169 conducted aerial gunnery training at NAF El Centro as part of Exercise Summer Fury with UH-1Y and AH-1Z helicopters

    Marines HMLA-267 in Exercise Scorpion Fire, 05-Feb-16 : Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadron HMLA-267 took part in exercise Scorpion Fire 1-16 on and near Naval Air Facility El Centro, California

    List of aircraft and events at NAF El Centro

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    By Date | By Serial

    AH-1T161015 / QT-451 01feb99
    AH-1Z168798 17nov15
    AH-1Z168960 11mar17
    AH9ZG888 27oct10
    CH-46D152562 / 02 12mar11
    CH-46F154845 / YT-07 10feb11
    CH-47DZA684 / AL 16apr14
    CH-53E162002 24oct13
    CH-53E163073 11mar17
    CH-53E164363 / YK-75 15nov13
    EC120BN265CB 10mar12
    HH-60H165257 16apr14
    HH-60J6029 11mar17
    MH-60R168101 11mar17
    MH-60R168103/ NH-700 12mar16
    MH-60S165757 10apr14
    MH-60S166290 29may07
    MH-60S166293 29may07
    MH-60S166313 24oct13
    MH-60S166357 20feb13
    MH-60S167899 23oct12
    MH-60S168557 11mar17
    MH-60S168574 11mar17
    MK512M-510 24oct13
    MK512M-512 24oct13
    MV-22B166388 / EG-14 14oct06
    MV-22B167903 / YR-01 10mar12
    MV-22B168011 / PH-00 16mar13
    MV-22B168234 20feb13
    MV-22B168350 11mar17
    SH-60F? 10mar12
    SH-60F164087 14mar09
    UH-1N68-10774 77
    UH-1Y? 17oct07 09nov10
    UH-1Y168948 11mar17
    WAH-64ZJ184 16mar13
    WAH-64ZJ194 01oct11
    WAH-64ZJ218 09nov10

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