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  • usa San Carlos

    San Carlos, California



    Satellite and aerial maps of San Carlos with nearby locations

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    10.814215CA Stanford University Hospital Heliport, California
    13.2115KPAO Palo Alto, California
    16.2317KSFO San Francisco, California
    19.9034KHWD Hayward, California
    20.8121KNUQ Moffett Field, California
    23.4006KOAK Oakland Intl, California

    37° 30' 42.85'' N - 122° 15' 0.00'' W

    History of this Location

    Since Jun 1998, San Carlos Airport has also been home to the Hiller Aviation Museum.

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    List of aircraft and events at San Carlos

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    By Date | By Serial

    2002-jun-22 AS350B3 N314HP
    2002-jun-22 BK117C-1 N117SU
    2002-jun-22 H-21B N64606 / 54-4001
    2002-jun-22 HH-65 6586
    2003-jun-21 AS350B N110TV
    2003-jun-21 AS350B3 N314HP
    2003-jun-21 AS350D N611WC
    2003-jun-21 EC120B N621LS
    2003-jun-21 HH-65 6505
    2004-jun-12 206B-3 N601CC
    2005-jun-18 H-21B N64606 / 54-4001
    2008-jun-20 AH-1T 160809 / QT-431
    2008-jun-21 HH-65 6534
    2008-jun-21 HH-65 6552
    2009-jun-20 206B-3 N601CC
    2009-jun-20 A109A N53RX
    2009-jun-20 AS350B3 N314HP
    2009-jun-20 EC120B N408DC
    2009-jun-20 EC120B N621LS
    2009-jun-20 State of California EC145 N145SU
    2010-may-20 HH-65 6502
    2010-jun-19 AH-1T 161015 / QT-451
    2010-jun-19 AS350B3 N314HP
    2010-jun-19 EC120B N408DC
    2010-jun-19 EC120B N621LS
    2010-jun-19 Air Methods EC135P2 N138LN
    2010-jun-19 Air Methods EC135P2 N138LN
    2010-jun-19 MD520N N520MD
    2010-jun-19 UH-1Y ?
    2010-jun-20 MH-60R 166533 / TS-413
    2010-jun-20 MH-60R ?
    2010-jun-20 MV-22B 167903 / YR-01
    2011-jun-17 MH-60S ?
    2011-jun-19 AH-1W 162544
    2011-jun-19 HH-65 6520
    2011-jun-19 Army UH-72A 09-72085
    2012-jun-15 AS350B3 N314HP
    2012-jun-16 CH-46D 153330 / YT-15
    2012-jun-16 HH-65 6520

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