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Van Nuys, California

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8.9 51KWHP Whiteman Airport, California
9.3 54KPAI Barton Heliport, California
11.1 59 Hansen Dam Park, California
21.9170KSMO Santa Monica Municipal, California
29.01294CA0 LAPD Hooper Heliport, California
30.7165KLAX Los Angeles, California

1928 to present

34 12 35.3 secs N - 118 29 23.8 secs W
Van Nuys, CA
Elevation: 802 feet

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List of units at Van Nuys Airport

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1980/    Elite Helicopter Tours
LAFDAW139 2008/   
412 1991/   
47 1962/??

News about this location

Helinet Aviation adds UH-60A ESSS Black Hawk, 13-Jul-17 : Helinet Aviation Services from Van Nuys, CA added a Sikorsky UH-60A Black Hawk fitted with ESSS (External Stores Support System) to its fleet. “Movie Hawk” emulates the look of a special forces MH-60

RG‐427 Battery for Bell 407 and Bell 427, 09-Mar-17 : Concorde Battery Corp announce that Rotorcraft Support Inc of Van Nuys California has received a FAA STC to install the RG‐427, 34 Ah battery, in Bell 407 and Bell 427 helicopters

List of aircraft and events at Van Nuys Airport

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By Date | By Serial

1999-may-01 407N96335
2000-jun-24 412N301FD
2000-jul-01 CH-54A TarheN154AC / 745
2000-sep-01 412N412LA
2000-sep-01 CH-54A TarheN217AC / 742
2000-oct-01 412SPN302FD
2000-oct-01 AS350B EcureuilN315TV
2000-oct-01 AS350B2 EcureuilN4TV
2002-apr-01 UH-1N69-6641
2002-may-01 412N301FD
2002-may-01 412EPN304FD
2002-may-01 412SPN302FD
2003-dec-15 412N301FD
2003-dec-15 412EPN304FD
2004-feb-14 HH-52A Sea Guard1426
2004-jul-30 412SPN302FD
2004-aug-06 412EPN304FD
2005-jan-01 CH-54B TarheN163AC / 744
2005-jan-03 412EPN301FD
2005-jun-01 412EPN304FD
2005-jun-01 A109E PowerN109HN
2005-sep-23 AS350B EcureuilN315TV
2005-sep-23 AS350B EcureuilN111FN
2005-sep-23 AS350B1 EcureuilN211FN
2005-sep-23 AS350B2 EcureuilN1811F
2006-jan-08 AS350B EcureuilN315TV
2006-jan-23 412EPN304FD
2006-apr-19 206B-3 Jet RangerN211LA
2006-apr-19 412SPN302FD
2006-apr-24 AS350B EcureuilN111FN
2006-may-04 AS350B EcureuilN315TV
2006-jun-10 H-21BN64606 / 54-4001
2006-jun-11 412EPN301FD
2006-jun-23 AS350B3 EcureuilN108HP
2006-sep-06 MH-60S Seahawk165763 / VR-70
2006-oct-02 S-70 FirehawkN15LA / 15
2006-oct-03 AS350B1 EcureuilN211FN
2006-oct-03 CH-54B TarheN163AC
2007-jun-27 412EPN304FD
2007-jul-03 412SPN302FD / 2
2007-jul-03 AS350B EcureuilN43HA
2007-jul-04 S-64EN189AC / 742
2007-oct-03 CH-54B TarheN163AC / 738
2007-dec-31 412EPN301FD / 1
2008-may-04 AS350B2 EcureuilN661PD
2008-may-18 412SPN302FD
2008-may-31 412EPN301FD
2008-jul-12 AS350B2 EcureuilN135MC
2008-dec-23 AS350B2 EcureuilN662PD
2008-dec-27 AW139N303FD / 3
2008-dec-29 S-61N Mk.IIN15456
2009-jan-06 AW139N303FD / 3
2009-jul-23 412EPN301FD / 1
2009-aug-25 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 732
2009-sep-07 CH-54A TarheN957AC / 743
2009-oct-21 412EPN304FD / 4
2009-oct-21 R44 IIN41352
2010-feb-28 412EPN304FD / 4
2010-feb-28 CH-54A TarheN957AC / 743
2010-mar-01 AS350B2 EcureuilN214GH
2010-oct-31 AS350B EcureuilN111FN
2010-dec-23 412SPN302FD / 2
2011-jun-14 412EPN304FD / 4
2011-sep-04 AS350B EcureuilN111FN
2013-jul-07 206B-3 Jet RangerN601CC
2014-mar AS350B3 EcureuilN718GH
2014-sep-08 CH-54A TarheN154AC
2015-feb-10 UH-1NN7255N
2015-apr-16 accidentAS350B EcureuilN111FN
2018-apr-19 State of NevadaH130 / EC130T2N244SH

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