spain Barcelona Port Heliport

Barcelona, Catalonia

2.5210 Barcelona Harbour, Catalonia
5.6350LESP Hospital San Pau heliport, Catalonia
11.2227LEBL Barcelona El Prat, Catalonia
17.7341LELL Sabadell, Catalonia
51.6299LEIG Igualada, Catalonia
76.6 38LEGE Girona - Costa Brava, Catalonia

41 21 51 secs N - 2 10 59 secs E

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2004/    cathelicopters


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By Date | By Serial

1972-mar-09 1972-mar-13 BarcelonaUK Royal NavyCounty classD18 HMS Antrim
2005-may-08 AS350B3 EcureuilEC-IRT
2005-jul-02 AS355E TwinStarF-GJFU
2007-may-13 AS355E TwinStarEC-KAF
2007-may-13 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 F-HDLS
2007-may-13 EC135T2D-HMFR
2007-sep-02 AS355E TwinStarEC-KAF
2008-apr-27 AS355E TwinStarEC-KAF
2008-apr-27 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 F-HDLS
2010-may Cat HelicoptersEC135P2EC-IKR
2010-may-08 AS350B3 EcureuilEC-LBF
2010-may-08 AS350B3 EcureuilEC-LBT
2010-may-09 Cat HelicoptersAS350B3 EcureuilEC-KUJ
2010-aug-14 AS355E TwinStarEC-KAF
2011-may-22 AS355E TwinStarEC-KAF
2012-may-13 AS355E TwinStarEC-KAF
2014-jun-30 US Bell Helicopter429N429MD
2014-aug-31 AS355E TwinStarEC-KAF
2015-may-10 AS355E TwinStarEC-KAF
2015-may-10 AW139T7-LSS

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