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    Paris, 75 Paris, Île-de-France



    Satellite and aerial maps of Heliport de Paris with nearby locations

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    4.1044 Les Invalides, Île-de-France
    4.8027 Champs-Elysees, Île-de-France
    8.0211LFPV Villacoublay (BA107), Île-de-France
    14.5147LFPO Orly, Île-de-France
    15.2233LFPN Toussus-le-Noble, Île-de-France
    15.3261LFPZ St Cyr L Ecole (BA272), Île-de-France

    1956 to present

    48° 49' 59'' N - 2° 16' 23'' E
    Elevation: 112 feet

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    List of units at Heliport de Paris

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1965/    dragon 75

    List of aircraft and events at Heliport de Paris

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    By Date | By Serial

    1967 SO-1221 Djinn F-BHOA
    1971 niroye havaei CH-47C 4-201
    1983 Aerospatiale SA365N F-WXFN
    1985 StoredALAT SO-1221 Djinn FR114
    1997-jun-22 HB350B F-GKDP
    2001-jun-23 EC130B4 F-WQES
    2002-jun-21 SA365N F-GNLT
    2003-feb-06 AS350B2 F-GHUT
    2003-feb-06 SA365N F-GNLT
    2003-feb-06 SA365N1 HB-ZBY
    2003-feb-16 A109E F-GYBA
    2003-feb-25 AS365N3 HB-ZDR
    2003-feb-25 MD900 LX-HPG
    2003-apr-25 A109E F-GLEH
    2003-apr-25 AS350B F-GKYG
    2003-may-31 S-76B G-HARH
    2003-jun-13 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPI
    2003-jun-20 A109C F-GTRJ
    2003-jun-20 SAMU EC135T1 F-GMOM
    2003-jun-20 EC145 D-HMBM / H237
    2003-jun-20 S61N.MK2 G-LAWS
    2003-sep-01 EC145 F-ZBPE
    2003-sep-24 EC135T1 F-GSMU
    2003-oct-24 MD900 OO-NHF
    2003-oct-24 SA316B F-ZBAW
    2004-mar-22 AS350B F-GECM
    2004-mar-22 AS350B3 F-GUCA
    2004-apr-14 EC120B OO-WER
    2004-apr-14 SA365N1 HB-ZBY
    2004-apr-15 A109E I-MUNA
    2004-apr-15 AS350B F-ZBDV
    2004-apr-15 EC145 F-ZBPQ
    2004-jun-04 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPT
    2004-jun-05 A109E F-GYBA
    2004-jun-05 AW109E OE-XSC
    2004-jun-05 EC145 F-ZBPQ
    2004-jun-05 SA316B F-ZBAW
    2004-jun-05 SA365N F-GNLT
    2004-jun-05 UH-60A 87-24584
    2004-jun-05 UH-60A 87-24589
    2004-sep-02 105P 8703
    2004-sep-02 A109A-II G-OCMM
    2004-oct-01 AS332L1 2235 / FZ
    2004-oct-02 AS350B2 F-GHPH
    2004-oct-02 S-92 N908W
    2004-oct-02 SA365N F-GNLT
    2004-oct-02 SE3130 F-GKBS
    2005-jan-15 S-92 N908W
    2005-feb-11 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPO
    2005-mar-06 SA365N1 HB-ZBY
    2005-mar-31 AS355F F-GFAB
    2005-apr-02 EC145 F-ZBPB
    2005-apr-02 SA316B F-ZBAW / AW
    2005-apr-19 AS332L1 2235 / FZ
    2005-apr-20 SAMU AS355F1 F-GJSE / 22
    2005-apr-20 AW109E F-GLEI
    2005-apr-20 AW109E N109MJ
    2005-jun-01 S-76B G-HARH
    2005-jun-14 430 N430CE
    2005-jun-14 AW109E G-TYCN
    2005-jun-14 EC120B OO-ECB
    2005-jun-14 EC135T2 F-HEAD / H259
    2005-jun-14 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPS
    2005-jun-15 A109E I-FZIT
    2005-jun-15 A109E F-GYBA
    2005-jun-15 A109E HB-ZCQ
    2005-jun-15 AS350B2 G-SMDJ
    2005-jun-15 AS355N F-GVJA
    2005-jun-17 AS350B3 F-HAEA
    2005-sep-30 AS350B F-GKYG
    2005-oct-14 AS350B2 F-GHUT
    2006-jun-16 AS355F2 F-GTVE
    2006-jun-16 AW109E F-GLEI
    2006-jun-16 EC120B F-GMHZ
    2006-jun-16 EC145 F-ZBPW
    2006-jun-16 EC145 F-ZBPF
    2006-jun-16 EC145 F-ZBPH
    2006-jun-16 SA316B F-ZBAW / AW
    2006-jun-17 AS355N F-HAND
    2006-jul-06 AS365N3 HB-ZDR
    2006-jul-06 EC135T1 F-GTKB
    2006-aug-09 AS350B F-GCFQ
    2006-aug-09 SA365N F-GNLT
    2007-jun-04 EC135T2+ D-HECF
    2007-jun-08 AS350B2 F-GHPH
    2007-jun-20 A109E F-GYBA
    2007-jun-20 AB139 I-AWIT
    2007-jun-20 AS355N F-GVPR
    2007-jun-20 AW109E G-TYCN
    2007-jun-20 EC135T2 F-HEAD
    2007-jun-20 Skycam Hélicoptères EC135T2 F-HCDF
    2007-jun-20 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPZ
    2007-jun-20 EC155B1 PH-EQU
    2007-jun-20 SA316B F-ZBAW / AW
    2007-jun-20 SA341G G-CDJT
    2007-jun-20 SA365N F-GNLT
    2007-jun-24 AS365N3 HB-ZDR
    2007-oct-06 A109C N111TS
    2008-may-18 AW109E G-WELY
    2008-may-18 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPO
    2008-jun-11 AS332L1 2233 / FY
    2008-jun-11 AS365N3 HB-ZDR
    2008-jun-11 SA365N F-GNLT
    2008-jul-14 quatorze juilletALAT SA330B 1130
    2008-sep-12 IXAIR AS350B F-GHAK
    2008-sep-12 Airtelis AS350B2 F-GJDF
    2008-sep-12 AS355F2 F-GTVE
    2008-sep-12 Swift Copters SA AS365N3 HB-ZDR
    2009-may-15 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPA
    2009-may-15 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPO
    2009-may-15 S-76C D-HMGX
    2009-may-29 EC135T1 F-GUFB
    2009-jun-04 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPL
    2009-jun-05 AS355N F-GVPR
    2009-jun-11 SA365N F-GNLT / A6
    2009-jun-13 429 C-FTNB / 502
    2009-jun-13 AB139 I-AWIT
    2009-jun-13 AS355N F-HACZ
    2009-jun-14 AW109E ZR323
    2009-jun-14 AW109S I-AGGR
    2009-jun-16 AS365N3 HB-ZDR
    2009-jun-16 EC120B OO-ECB
    2009-jun-16 EC135T2 F-HEAD
    2009-jun-16 EC135T2+ F-HFOM
    2009-jun-16 EC145 D-HAKA
    2009-jun-16 EC155B1 M-LNDN
    2009-jun-17 AS350B2 F-HAOP
    2009-jun-17 AS350B2 F-GHPH
    2009-jun-17 AS355N F-HAND
    2009-jun-22 MD902 OO-NHL
    2009-jul-14 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPX
    2009-jul-27 MD902 OO-NHA
    2009-sep-02 AW109S N359SH
    2009-sep-18 AB139 LX-HAK
    2009-sep-26 AS350B3 F-HAEA
    2009-oct-10 EC155B1 G-CFOJ
    2010-may-20 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPO / H194
    2010-may-20 SA365N F-GNLT
    2010-jul-26 EC135T1 F-GTKB
    2010-oct-06 AS350B2 F-GHPH
    2010-oct-06 AS365N3 HB-ZDR
    2011-jun-11 AS350B F-GCFQ
    2011-jun-11 AS355N F-HAND
    2011-oct-02 AS350B3 F-HAEA
    2011-oct-02 AS350D F-GIBM
    2011-dec-17 MD900 OO-NHF
    2011-dec-20 SA365N1 HB-ZBY
    2013-apr-01 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBQC
    2013-jun-22 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPX
    2013-jul-14 Gendarmerie Nationale EC135T2+ F-MJDB
    2013-jul-14 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPW
    2013-jul-14 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPO
    2013-jul-14 Armée de l'Air EC725R2 2789
    2013-jul-14 ALAT HAP 2029
    2013-jul-14 Aéronautique Navale NFH 7
    2014-apr-02 Starspeed Ltd S-92 G-LAWX
    2014-jul-14 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBQB
    2015-jun-15 A109E F-GLEG
    2015-jun-15 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPD
    2015-jul-14 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPO
    2015-sep-20 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPX
    2015-oct-02 AKDN AW139 F-HLAK
    2018-sep-28 SAF EC135T1 F-GMHF
    2018-sep-28 Air Corporate H145 MB I-LRCT
    2018-sep-30 MBH H145 F-HCHU
    2019-feb-14 Airtelis EC135T3 F-HHTB

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