france Toussus-le-Noble

Toussus-Le-Noble, Ile-de-France, 78 Yvelines

7.5337LFPZ St Cyr L Ecole, Ile-de-France, 78 Yvelines
8.3 74LFPV Villacoublay (BA107), Ile-de-France, 78 Yvelines
15.2 53LFPI Heliport de Paris, Ile-de-France, 75 Paris
19.3 51 Les Invalides, Ile-de-France, 75 Paris
19.6 47 Champs-Elysees, Ile-de-France, 75 Paris
20.3 98LFPO Orly, Ile-de-France, 94 Val-de-Marne

48° 45' 5.04'' N - 2° 6' 22.00'' E

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2003/    heli horizon
1986/    Héli-Union Maintenance


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By Date | By Serial

1993-jun 206L-3 Long RangerF-GHYO
1998-jun Heli-UnionAS365N3 Dauphin 2F-GIZU
2002-jan-01 AS350B EcureuilF-GFDL
2002-apr-01 A109cF-GTRJ
2002-apr-01 AS350B3 EcureuilLX-HDS
2002-apr-14 SA365N Dauphin 2F-GNVS
2003-may-30 AS350B1 EcureuilF-GJCM
2004-mar-22 EC135T2F-HEAD
2004-mar-30 SA365N Dauphin 217
2006-sep-20 R44 AstroF-GXRF
2007-jun-21 AS350B EcureuilF-ZBEA
2007-jun-21 AS350B EcureuilF-GECM
2007-jun-21 AS350B3 EcureuilF-GUCA
2007-jun-21 EC120BF-GMHZ
2007-sep-16 Merlin HM.1ZH858 / 84
2009-jan-09 CI International Aircraft ServicesSA365N Dauphin 29G-AEH
2009-feb-28 R22 BetaF-GJBD
2009-feb-28 R22 Beta IIF-HAEM
2009-mar-19 AS332L1 Super Puma2233 / FY
2009-may-10 AS350B EcureuilF-GKYG
2009-jun-04 SA365N Dauphin 2F-GNGM
2009-jun-17 EC120BF-GMHZ
2009-jun-17 R44 AstroF-GXRF
2009-jun-17 R44 IIF-GXRP
2009-jun-17 SA365N Dauphin 281
2010-jul-10 accidentIXAIRR22 BetaF-GJBD
2011-mar-26 EC120BF-GZLM
2011-aug Armée de l'AirAS332B Super Puma2057
2012-sep-08 R22 Beta IIF-HAEM
2013-jun-01 Heli HorizonEC120BF-GZLM
2013-jun-01 Heli HorizonR44 Clipper IIF-HKEY
2013-jul Aviation Légère de l'Armée de TerreAS532UL Cougar2325
2013-jul Aviation Légère de l'Armée de TerreAS532UL Cougar2252
2017-mar-31 Heli-UnionAS332L1 Super PumaF-GYSH
2017-aug-04 EC120BF-GYLB
2017-sep-01 47G-4F-GJMP

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