france St-Gatien

Deauville, Basse-Normandie, 14 Calvados

19.4345LFOH Le Havre Octeville, Haute-Normandie, 76 Seine-Maritime
48.8244LFRK Caen Carpiquet, Basse-Normandie, 14 Calvados
74.6 87LFOP Rouen, Haute-Normandie, 76 Seine-Maritime
86.0115LFOE Evreux Fauville (BA105), Haute-Normandie, 27 Eure
94.3324 mv Melpol, Offshore UK
133.0284 Cherbourg, Basse-Normandie, 50 Manche

49° 21' 55.08'' N - 0° 9' 15.00'' E

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By Date | By Serial

1994-oct AB206B-2F-BKMR
2004-aug-31 SA330B Puma1114 / BZF
2004-sep-10 AB206AOO-COP
2004-sep-10 AS350B EcureuilF-ZBDV
2004-sep-19 AB206B-2F-BKMR
2005-apr-11 EC120BF-GRAE
2005-apr-26 AS350B EcureuilF-GECM
2005-apr-26 AS355F Ecureuil 2F-GFAB
2005-apr-27 AS350B EcureuilF-GKYG
2005-apr-27 SA365N Dauphin 2F-GNLT
2005-may-07 Merlin HC.3ZJ127
2005-may-27 ab139LX-HAK
2005-may-27 R44 Raven IIOO-SLQ
2005-sep-07 EC155BN155WH
2005-sep-18 AS350B EcureuilF-ZBDV
2005-sep-23 AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 F-GTVE
2005-oct-22 AS355F Ecureuil 2G-OHCP
2005-oct-29 AS355N Ecureuil 2F-GVJA
2005-nov-05 AS365N3 Dauphin 2HB-ZDR
2005-nov-17 Merlin HC.3ZJ133 / R
2006-apr-08 SA341G GazelleG-CDJT
2006-apr-20 AS350B EcureuilF-GJIY
2006-jun-16 A109cN637CG
2006-jun-17 AS350B EcureuilF-GCFQ
2006-jun-17 AS350B3 EcureuilF-HAEA
2007-may-02 AS555AN Fennec 25412 / VI
2007-may-03 AS332M1 Super Puma2377 / FU
2007-may-03 SA330B Puma1164 / ADC
2007-sep-14 AS350B EcureuilF-GJIY
2007-nov-09 SA365N Dauphin 291
2007-nov-09 SA365N Dauphin 217
2008-dec-20 S-61N Mk.IIG-BDIJ
2011-apr-07 AW139F-HLAK
2012-oct-07 IXAIRR44 IIF-GXRP
2016-jul-14 AE Dubai Air WingAW139DU-140

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