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  • france Musée de l Aéronautique Navale

    Rochefort, 17 Charente-Maritime, Nouvelle-Aquitaine


    Satellite and aerial maps of Rochefort-Soubise with nearby locations

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    4.9169LFDN Rochefort (BA721), Nouvelle-Aquitaine
    31.5330LFBH La Rochelle-Laleu airport, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
    33.6177LFCY Royan, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
    58.6015LFFK Fontenay le Comte, Pays de la Loire
    60.7119LFBG Cognac (BA709), Nouvelle-Aquitaine
    77.3163 Gironde Estuary, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

    45° 55' 58'' N - 0° 59' 40'' W

    History of this Location

    In 1978, the Armée de l Air withdrew from the joint Technical Training School established on the base with the Aéronautique Navale and moved across the river to Rochefort / Saint-Agnant.

    The Musée de Tradition de l Aéronautique Navale was established here in Sep 1988.

    The base closed to regular flying on 9 Sep 1996. The Museum and the Naval Aviation technical school on the same site remain open.

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    List of aircraft and events at Rochefort-Soubise

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    By Date | By Serial

    1969-aug G.I.Airframe20S HSS-1 512
    1980 G.I.Airframe20S HSS-1 640
    1980 G.I.Airframe33F HSS-1 641
    1980 G.I.Airframe33F HSS-1 688
    1980 G.I.AirframeAéronautique Navale HSS-1 7
    1980 G.I.AirframeAéronautique Navale HSS-1 SA.135
    1980 G.I.Airframe31F HSS-1 SA.140
    1980 G.I.Airframe33F HSS-1 SA.148
    1980 G.I.AirframeAéronautique Navale HSS-1 SA.150
    1988-sep ExhibitAéronautique Navale HSS-1 SA.150
    2017-mar HAS.2 FN 03

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