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37.7 38LHPR Gyor Per, Gyor Per
48.5132LHSA Szentkirályszabadja / Vitorlas Szentiraly, Veszprem
72.2140LHSK Kiliti, Balaton-Kiliti
80.1108LHBD Borgond, Székesfehérvár
92.2346LZIB Milan Rastislav Stefanik, Bratislava
95.0 87LHGR Gyuro, Fejer

47° 21' 47.88'' N - 17° 29' 47.04'' E

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News about this location

HForce-Equipped H145M First Firing Test, 09-Nov-17 : Airbus tested the HForce weapon system on a H145M at Pápa Airbase in Hungary including guns, unguided rockets and cannons. The H145M, a militarized EC145T2, was acquired by Germany, Serbia and Thailand

List of aircraft and events at Papa

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2006-aug-14 EC135T2OE-XEX
2011-aug-01 Mi-8T Hip-CHS-13
2017-oct DE Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbHH145 / EC145T2D-HADX

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