czech republic Prerov

czech republic

15.5177LKKM Kromeriz, Kromeriz
16.8136LKHO Holesov, Zlin
19.7277LKPJ Prostejov, Prostejov
22.8321LKOL Olomouc, Olomouc
25.4 58LKHN Hranice na Morave, Hranice
30.9243LKVY Vyskov, Vyskov

1938 to present

49 25 34 secs N - 17 24 20 secs E
2.5mile SW of Prerov
Elevation: 676 feet

From 1995 bases named 33.zvrl 33 zakladna vrtulnikoveho letectva = 33rd helicopter air force base. Split in 2 squadrons 331 attack; 332 transport.
In 1997 the structure of squadrons changed.
In 2004 the air base renamed in 23.zvrl 23 zakladna vrtulnikoveho letecva = 23rd helicopter air force base. The squadrons renamed in 231 attack and 232 transport.

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2008/    231 Vrtulnikova LetkaMi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2008/   
Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2008/   
2004/08231 Letka Bitevnich VrtulnikovaMi-24 Hind 2004/08
2004/08232 Vrtulnikova LetkaMi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 2004/08
1997/04333 Vrtulnikova LetkaW-3A 1997/04
1994/04332 Letka Dopravnich Specialnich VrtulnikuMi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen) 1994/04
Mi-2 Hoplite 1994/   
1994/04331 Letka Bitevnych VrtulnikuMi-24 Hind 1994/04


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By Date | By Serial

2002-sep-14 Mi-17 Hip-H0828
2004-may-28 AB212 ICOMM81215 / 4-61
2004-may-29 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2004-nov-26 Mi-24V Hind0816
2004-dec-04 mi-24du6050
2004-dec-20 Mi-24V Hind0703
2005-feb-02 Mi-24V Hind0981
2005-feb-09 Mi-24V Hind0816
2005-mar-02 Mi-24V Hind0703
2005-apr-11 W-3A0716
2005-may-25 W-3A0718
2005-may-27 AS550C2 FennecP-275
2005-may-27 Mi-17 Hip-H0828
2005-may-27 Mi-24V Hind0702
2005-may-27 Mi-35 Hind3361
2005-may-27 Mi-35 Hind3362
2005-may-27 S-70A-42 Black Hawk6M-BH
2005-may-28 A109BAH23
2005-may-28 bo105p PAH-18810
2005-may-28 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2005-may-28 Mi-2 Hoplite0709
2005-may-28 Mi-24V Hind7355
2005-may-28 Mi-24V Hind0705
2005-may-28 Mi-24V Hind7353
2005-may-28 Mi-24V Hind7356
2005-may-28 Mi-24V Hind0815
2005-may-28 W-3A0712
2005-jul-28 Mi-17 Hip-H0825
2005-sep-20 Mi-171Sh9813
2005-oct-25 Mi-17 Hip-H0836
2005-nov-01 Mi-24V Hind0710
2005-nov-01 Mi-35 Hind3365
2005-nov-08 Mi-171Sh9844
2005-nov-08 Mi-171Sh9868
2006-feb-23 mi-24du6050
2006-feb-23 Mi-35 Hind3361
2006-mar-09 Mi-17 Hip-H0836
2006-mar-09 Mi-171Sh9868
2006-mar-09 Mi-171Sh9926
2006-mar-09 Mi-24V Hind0705
2006-mar-09 Mi-35 Hind3371
2006-mar-09 Mi-35 Hind3365
2006-mar-09 W-3A0712
2006-mar-19 Mi-24V Hind0710
2006-mar-23 Mi-35 Hind3367
2006-mar-30 Mi-24V Hind7356
2006-may-04 Mi-24V Hind0702
2006-jun-09 Mi-171Sh9825
2006-jun-09 SA330E PumaXW219 / DC
2006-jun-10 A109BAH22
2006-jun-10 bo105cOK-EIH
2006-jun-10 EC135T1OK-DSA
2006-jun-10 Mi-171Sh9813
2006-jun-10 Mi-171Sh9844
2006-jun-10 Mi-171Sh9887
2006-jun-10 Mi-171Sh9837
2006-jun-10 Mi-171Sh9873
2006-jun-10 Mi-35 Hind3369
2006-jun-10 W-3A0711
2006-jun-10 W-3A0714
2006-jun-10 W-3A0716
2006-jun-12 Mi-171Sh9774
2006-jun-12 Mi-35 Hind3366
2006-jun-12 Mi-35 Hind3370
2006-jun-16 Mi-2 Hoplite0709
2006-jun-16 Mi-24V Hind0709
2006-aug-10 Mi-35 Hind3365
2006-aug-30 Mi-24V Hind0815
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0835
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0836
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0811
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0825
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0828
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0837
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0848
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-17 Hip-H0849
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9844
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9887
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9915
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9774
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9774
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9781
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9799
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9806
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9837
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9868
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9873
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9892
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9904
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-171Sh9926
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRmi-24d0217
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRmi-24d0218
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRmi-24d0221
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRmi-24du6050
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0709
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0834
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind7355
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0702
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0705
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0710
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind7353
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0816
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0981
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0812
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0838
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind7356
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0815
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0701
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0788
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0790
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0835
2006-sep Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0839
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind7357
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind7358
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3371
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3361
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3367
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3362
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3365
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3366
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3369
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRMi-35 Hind3370
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRW-3A0713
2006-sep homebaseVzdušné síly AČRW-3A0716
2007 Vzdušné síly AČRMi-24V Hind0816
2007-jan-10 Mi-24V Hind0710
2007-jan-10 Mi-24V Hind0815
2007-mar-07 Mi-24V Hind0981
2007-mar-07 Mi-24V Hind7356
2007-mar-07 W-3A0712
2007-mar-18 Mi-35 Hind3361
2007-apr-03 Mi-2 Hoplite0709
2007-apr-03 Mi-24V Hind0709
2007-apr-19 W-3A0711
2007-apr-23 mi-24du6050
2007-apr-25 Mi-35 Hind3366
2007-may-29 Mi-24V Hind0702
2007-jun-01 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2007-jun-01 Mi-171Sh9813
2007-jun-01 Mi-171Sh9887
2007-jun-01 Mi-171Sh9915
2007-jun-01 Mi-171Sh9868
2007-jun-01 Mi-171Sh9892
2007-jun-01 Mi-171Sh9904
2007-jun-02 Mi-17 Hip-H0832
2007-jun-02 Mi-171Sh9774
2007-jun-02 Mi-171Sh9837
2007-jun-02 Mi-24V Hind7353
2007-jun-02 Mi-24V Hind0788
2007-jun-02 Mi-35 Hind3367
2007-jun-02 Mi-35 Hind3366
2007-jun-02 Mi-35 Hind3369
2007-jun-02 Mi-35 Hind3370
2007-jun-02 W-3A0714
2007-jul-03 mi-24d0103
2007-jul-14 Mi-24V Hind7355
2007-jul-17 Mi-35 Hind3365
2007-oct-14 Mi-171Sh9926
2008-jan-20 Mi-24V Hind0981
2008-jan-20 Mi-35 Hind3365
2008-feb-07 Mi-24V Hind0710
2008-feb-07 Mi-24V Hind0815
2008-feb-07 Mi-35 Hind3367
2008-mar-18 Mi-24V Hind7355
2008-mar-18 Mi-24V Hind0788
2008-mar-18 Mi-35 Hind3369
2008-mar-18 W-3A0709
2008-may-27 Mi-17 Hip-H0832
2008-may-29 Mi-171Sh9844
2008-may-30 Mi-171Sh9825
2008-may-30 Mi-171Sh9774
2008-may-30 Mi-171Sh9868
2008-may-30 Mi-171Sh9873
2008-may-30 Mi-171Sh9892
2008-may-30 Mi-171Sh9904
2008-may-30 Mi-171Sh9926
2008-may-30 mi-24du6050
2008-may-30 Mi-24V Hind7356
2008-may-30 W-3A0713
2008-jun-05 Mi-24V Hind0702
2008-aug-25 Mi-35 Hind3370
2008-oct-05 Mi-17 Hip-H0835
2008-oct-20 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2009-jan-02 Mi-171Sh9825
2009-jan-15 Mi-171Sh9774
2009-jan-15 Mi-171Sh9904
2009-feb-01 Mi-2 Hoplite0709
2009-feb-01 Mi-24V Hind0709
2009-feb-09 Mi-171Sh9926
2009-mar-21 Mi-171Sh9868
2009-apr-19 Mi-171Sh9887
2009-may-30 Mi-17 Hip-H0832
2009-may-30 Mi-171Sh9892
2009-may-30 Mi-35 Hind3367
2009-aug-01 Mi-17 Hip-H0835
2009-aug-01 Mi-17 Hip-H0825
2009-aug-01 Mi-24V Hind0815
2009-aug-15 Mi-171Sh9873
2009-oct-01 Mi-171Sh9813
2009-oct-02 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2010-jan-03 Mi-171Sh9837
2010-mar-01 Mi-171Sh9813
2010-mar-09 Mi-171Sh9873
2010-mar-09 Mi-171Sh9892
2010-apr-01 Mi-171Sh9844
2010-jun-03 Mi-171Sh9926
2010-dec-21 Mi-171Sh9887
2011-may-01 Mi-171Sh9926
2011-may-28 Mi-171Sh9813
2011-may-28 Mi-171Sh9844
2011-jun-03 Mi-17 Hip-H0836
2011-oct-17 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2012-may-25 Mi-171Sh9915
2012-may-25 Mi-171Sh9873
2012-may-25 Mi-171Sh9904
2012-may-25 Mi-171Sh9926
2012-may-25 Mi-171Sh9767
2012-may-25 Mi-35 Hind3370
2012-may-26 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2012-may-26 Mi-171Sh9813
2012-may-26 Mi-2 Hoplite9428
2012-may-26 W-3A0719
2013-may-10 Mi-171Sh9774

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