austria Blue Danube Airport Linz


12.0241LOLW Wels, Wels
39.1217LOLU Gmunden Laakirchen, Gmunden
41.4206LOLC Scharnstein, Scharnstein
53.1102LOAQ Krankenhaus Heliport, Amstetten
57.5289LOLS Suben, Oberösterreich
63.4117 Haselgraben, Niederösterreich

48 14 N - 14 11 E
5 nm SE of Linz
Elevation: 978 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2010/    leichte Transporthubschrauberstaffelab212 2010/   
2001/    Christophorus 10ec135 2001/   
1976/102 Hubschrauberstaffel, Fliegerregiment 3ab212 2001/10
ab204b 1983/01
1958/    Fliegerregiment 3ab212 1980/   
S-65C-2 1970/81


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By Date | By Serial

1986 StoredÖsterreichische Luftstreitkräfteab204b4D-BF
1986 StoredÖsterreichische Luftstreitkräfteab204b4D-BH
1986 StoredÖsterreichische Luftstreitkräfteab204b4D-BM
1986 StoredÖsterreichische Luftstreitkräfteab204b4D-BR
1986 StoredÖsterreichische Luftstreitkräfteab204b4D-BV
1995-oct-27 ab2125D-HX
2001-apr-26 ab2125D-HD
2002-apr-10 EC135T1OE-XEJ
2002-apr-15 ab2125D-HZ
2002-sep-21 Mi-17 Hip-HVAM-304 Delivered to Makedonsk
2003-mar-21 S-70A-42 Black Hawk6M-BE
2003-mar-21 S-70A-42 Black Hawk6M-BD
2003-mar-21 S-70A-42 Black Hawk6M-BF
2003-mar-23 AB206BOE-BXE
2003-mar-23 EC135T1OE-XEM
2003-jul-02 EC135T1OE-XEE
2003-jul-02 EC135T1OE-XEP
2003-oct-26 ab2125D-HV
2004-mar-17 ab2125D-HU
2004-mar-17 ab2125D-HD
2005-apr-22 HH-53C73-1652
2005-jun-03 ab2125D-HR
2005-jun-03 ab2125D-HF
2005-jun-03 ab2125D-HT
2006-feb-18 AB206BOE-BXE
2006-feb-18 EC135T1OE-XEM
2006-aug-08 EC135T1OE-XEB
2007-feb-20 EC135T1OE-XEM
2007-aug-23 ab2125D-HV
2007-dec-19 ab2125D-HX
2008-feb-04 UH-60A Black Hawk87-24647
2008-oct-08 EC135T1OE-XEA
2009-nov-07 ka-32RA-31574
2010-may-07 ab2125D-HX
2010-may-07 ab2125D-HT
2011-apr-09 EC120BOE-XST / 388
2014-may-30 CH-47F Chinook06-08030
2014-jun homebaseÖAMTCEC135T1OE-XEK
2016-mar-14 CH-47F Chinook13-08435

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