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Ovar, Beira Litoral

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29.5357LPPH Hospital Pedro Hispano Heliport, Porto
30.2195LPAV Aveiro,
37.1355LPPR Francisco S√° Carneiro, Entre Duoro e Minho
37.5 35LPPB Paredes Baltar Heliport,
41.7 14LPVL Vilar da Luz, Entre Duoro e Minho
45.5153 √Āgueda,

40° 54' 57.24'' N - 8° 38' 45.31'' W
Elevation: 56 feet

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News about this location

Building cooperation at Hot Blade 2014, 24-Jul-14 : For the third year in a row, Portugal is hosting the Hot Blade helicopter exercise in Ovar airbase, near Porto.

Hot Blade 2013: Preparing Together for Operations, 17-Jul-13 : Starting today, Portugal hosts the multinational helicopter exercise HOT BLADE 2013 (HB13) at Ovar Military Airfield, near Porto.

EDA Helicopter Training Programme Hot Blade 2012, 04-Jul-12 : Ovar, Portugal - One of the largest helicopter exercises in Europe gets under way today.


16-jul-1430-jul-14Hot Blade 2014
17-jul-1331-jul-13Hot Blade 2013
04-jul-1218-jul-12Hot Blade 2012

List of aircraft and events at Ovar

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2011-aug-05 SA316B Alouette III19368
2012-jul-09 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HX
2012-jul-09 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HF
2012-jul-09 AS532U2 Cougar S-441
2012-jul-09 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-661
2012-jul-09 DE HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+68
2012-jul-09 DE HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+72
2012-jul-09 Força Aérea PortuguesaEH101 Mk.51619611
2012-jul-09 EH101 Mk.51619611
2012-jul-09 NH90 TTHNH-210
2012-jul-09 NH90 TTHNH-214
2012-jul-09 Força Aérea PortuguesaSA316B Alouette III19376
2012-jul-10 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH22
2012-jul-10 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH41
2012-jul-10 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH46
2012-jul-10 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HB
2012-jul-10 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HT
2012-jul-10 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HV
2012-jul-10 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HD
2012-jul-10 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtAS532U2 Cougar S-441
2012-jul-10 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-665
2012-jul-10 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-102
2012-jul-10 DE HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+46
2012-jul-10 DE HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+80
2012-jul-10 DE HeeresfliegerCH-53G84+84
2012-jul-10 Força Aérea PortuguesaEH101 Mk.51619612
2012-jul-10 FI MaavoimatNH90 TTHNH-210
2012-jul-10 FI MaavoimatNH90 TTHNH-211
2012-jul-10 FI MaavoimatNH90 TTHNH-214
2012-jul-11 AB2125D-HF
2013-jul-23 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fte2125D-HY
2013-jul-23 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH21
2013-jul-23 A109BAH35
2013-jul-23 A109BAH38
2013-jul-23 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH40
2013-jul-23 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HR
2013-jul-23 AB2125D-HN / N
2013-jul-23 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtAS532U2 Cougar S-440
2013-jul-23 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-661
2013-jul-23 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-667
2013-jul-23 CH-47D ChinookD-663
2013-jul-23 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47F ChinookD-891
2013-jul-23 CH-47F ChinookD-891
2013-jul-23 Força Aérea PortuguesaEH101 Mk.51619611
2013-jul-23 Força Aérea PortuguesaEH101 Mk.51619609
2013-jul-23 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteOH-58B Kiowa3C-OA
2013-jul-23 OH-58B Kiowa3C-OB
2013-jul-23 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteOH-58B Kiowa3C-OJ
2013-jul-23 Força Aérea PortuguesaSA316B Alouette III19312
2013-jul-23 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+28
2013-jul-23 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D72+91
2013-jul-23 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+42
2013-jul-23 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+43
2013-jul-23 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D71+91
2013-jul-23 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D72+37
2013-jul-23 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D72+88
2014-jul-29 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH20
2014-jul-29 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH28
2014-jul-29 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH44
2014-jul-29 BE Force Aérienne BelgeA109BAH46
2014-jul-29 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HX
2014-jul-29 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HN
2014-jul-29 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HV
2014-jul-29 AT √Ėsterreichische Luftstreitkr√§fteAB2125D-HD
2014-jul-29 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-661
2014-jul-29 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-664
2014-jul-29 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-102
2014-jul-29 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47F ChinookD-891
2014-jul-29 Força Aérea PortuguesaEH101 Mk.51419605
2014-jul-29 Força Aérea PortuguesaEH101 Mk.51519608
2014-jul-29 Força Aérea PortuguesaEH101 Mk.51619611
2014-jul-29 Força Aérea PortuguesaEH101 Mk.51619609
2014-jul-29 UK Royal Air ForceSA330E PumaXW214
2014-jul-29 UK Royal Air ForceSA330H PumaZJ954
2014-jul-29 UK Royal Air ForceSA330H PumaZJ957
2014-jul-29 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D72+95
2014-jul-29 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+28
2014-jul-29 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D71+91
2014-jul-29 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D72+37
2014-jul-29 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+47
2014-jul-29 DE HeeresfliegerUH-1D73+35

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