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    Andros Town, Andros Island


    Satellite and aerial maps of AUTEC Heliport with nearby locations

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    2.6242MYAF Andros, Andros Island
    23.6141 7nm E of Andros Is, Andros Island
    47.4324MYAN Nicholl's Town, Andros Island
    47.7169MYAB Clarence A Bain, Andros Island
    48.0040MYNN Nassau, New Providence Island
    63.9163MYAK Congo Town, Andros Island

    24° 42' 31'' N - 77° 46' 22'' W
    1.5nm SE Andros Town
    Elevation: 10 feet

    History of this Location

    As part of relief operations after Hurricane Dorian, by 6 Sep 2019, the US Coast Guard had deployed seven MH-60T Jayhawk and six MH-65 Dolphin helicopters.

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    List of aircraft and events at AUTEC Heliport

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    By Date | By Serial

    1982-jan-05 1982-jan RN Seawolf Leander class F57 HMS Andromeda
    1990-apr-20 USCG HH-3F 1496
    1990-apr-20 USN HSS-2 147140
    1990-apr-20 USN HSS-2 149729
    1990-apr-20 HS-11 /AB-613 SH-3D 154122
    1990-apr-20 HS-11 /AB-610 SH-3D 152709
    1990-apr-20 USN SH-3D 152709
    1990-apr-20 USN SH-3D 154101
    1990-apr-20 HS-11 /AB-615 SH-3D 154103
    1990-apr-20 USN SH-60B 162106
    1990-apr-20 USN SH-60B 163595
    1990-apr-20 Army UH-60A 88-26114
    1990-apr-20 Army UH-60A 85-25511
    1990-apr-20 Army UH-60A 85-25511
    1990-apr-20 Army UH-60A 85-25512
    1990-apr-22 USCG HH-3F 1477
    1990-apr-22 USCG HH-3F 1477
    1990-apr-26 Army CH-47D 84-24176
    1990-apr-26 Army CH-47D 84-24186
    1990-apr-26 Army CH-47D 84-24186
    1990-apr-26 Army CH-47D 84-24187
    1990-apr-26 Army CH-47D 85-24324
    1990-apr-26 Army CH-47D 85-24324
    1990-apr-28 USN HSS-2 149729
    1990-apr-28 VX-1 /JA-46 SH-60F 164072
    1997-mar RN Type 23 Duke class F234 HMS Iron Duke
    1997-mar RN HAS.3S ZF560
    2004-may AUTECRN HM.1 ZH840
    2019-sep-02 Hurricane DorianUSCG SH-60F 6044
    2019-sep-06 Hurricane DorianUSCG HH-60J 6012

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